Server migration

as many of you would have noticed, I’m in the process of moving us across to a new server.

Firstly, I apologies for the down time. Since working on the forum since 2003, my absolute priority is this community and keeping it alive. Any down town is - for me - the worst.

The migration is still going on. It will take a few days.

I hope you understand that there will be downtimes, but never underesitate that I don’t have our 19 years of history as my number one priority.

Especially for TigerGran.

Go Wests
Go Balmain
Go the mighty Wests Tigers

Awesome Kul,
Many thanks for all of your hard work. The efforts you and the mods and others ‘behind the scenes’ make for all of us to enjoy this forum is I think often forgotten in the day to day. On occasions like this, it is important to reflect on those efforts. So, again, thanks.

Thanks Kul, the time and effort you put in for us is much appreciated.

@Kul Thanks for remembering Tigergran. She would be flattered 🙂

All kudos to you Kul this forum is a godsend to me and many other supporters

As I don’t live in Sydney, and I have various commitments, I can’t get to the games at Leichhardt or Campbelltown. There’s a certain sense of community I’ve felt when I’m at those grounds, surrounded by thousands of people just like me, it’s a feeling I can’t describe, but to people on this forum, I don’t need to because I’d bet you all feel it too.

Since I’ve found this forum, for me it gives me that feeling just like I’m at the stadium, surrounded by many who share my passion. I don’t even like to check or anywhere else anymore for my football updates, I just come straight here, it has everything I need to know.

I thank you Kul for making that possible. I hope you know how much you are appreciated and how much this forum means to a lot of people.

Well said Tiger. All the effort put into this site is very much appreciated, this is an awesome forum and so professionally managed.

I’d like to echo everything said in this thread. I now spend waaaaaaaay too much time on this forum but that’s because I love talking Tigers. Yeah some opinions drive me nuts (looking at you GNR😜) but I’m sure that’s reciprocated. At the end of the day we share a unique passion and all want the same thing. What is it that makes me almost cry as I leave Penrith park and then run around the lounge room hugging my son when we beat Broncos? Why do I feel so angry when my cocky work friends carry on about their beloved Rorters? I don’t know but I’d hate to live a life without this passion!
To Kul and all those who contribute - thanks!

Appreciate all the hard work Kul. Thank you.

Keep up the good work Kul, LEGEND.

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