Luke Brooks running game key to our succes

  • Interesting stat I just read that in Luke Brooks’s career he has ran for over 110 metres 9 times and we have won 8 of them and gone into golden point once.

    Obviously there is an element to the fact that he has big running metres in games we’re generally playing well but with numbers like this you’d want Brooks to be running over 110 metres a game every damn time even if he has to force it a bit. It likely causes defenders to hold onto him in the defensive line allowing him to unlock the guys outside and inside him.

    I’ve made the point before that good backrowers outside him are key to his success and I think it’s no surprise that Lawrence having a career year last year and Garner/Matterson both performing well this year is helping him but I’d say Brooks running also helps them.

    If Mbye and Reynolds can get into the habit of trailing on the inside when Brooks does run so that he has outside and inside options (that aren’t props or Farah) I think our attack will improve a lot.

    Personally I would love to see what having a big hard running fast backrower like Kikau outside Brooks would be like. I’d say it would be magnificent. Garner/Lawrence/Matterson is nice but someone genuinely destructive. Maybe Mikaele can do this?

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    Brooks has been in the top 3 halves for running meters every year of his career bar 1…

  • Really?? Wow, most halves mustn’t be doing much running. That suprises me.

  • We have a special one i guess

  • Run Brooksie, run.

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