Benji's 300th

Seeing that Brooks and Grub are doing pretty well in the halves, what’re your thoughts on Benji’s return? He’s on 292 NRL games.
Do you want to see him get to 300?
But what if having him in the side comes at the expense of the team?
If Reynolds is playing well and uninjured, how would you fit in Benji?
Or does he just have to miss out on the big 300th?

I am a big Benji fan but realistically I don’t see a spot for him. Reynolds is playing well and adds a spark that has been lacking. Reynolds kicking game has been terrific. Barring injury and the way the team is progressing I can’t see Benji forcing his way back into the squad. Therefore I don’t see Benji reaching the 300 milestone, I think he will just miss out.

Only if Grub is injured or not playing well.

He should never have got to 292. Probably 50 more than he deserves.

He’s good to have as backup.

You don’t play for milestones. You play for the team.

So true , you don’t play this game for individual honours you play for the team

I’m hoping Top 8 is his 1st inclination

Can’t see a spot for him at the moment. He’ll be a great backup and I am sure he will be ready to step up if Brooks or Reynolds go down but he just has to wait his turn now.

He’s odds on to get there Reynolds hasn’t finished a season since the 2016 season. He may even get a bench spot if there are injuries.

I think he will play 8 more games throughout the season withour the team having to manufacture a spot for him.

To me it’s really simple. There is one spot in the team for Benji or Reynolds. Benji got injured, lost his spot to Reynolds who has performed and therefore Reynolds keeps his spot.

Reynolds may lose form or get injured and then the situation may change but we shouldn’t be gifting players first grade games. They have to earn it.

I hope Grub and brooks keep him out and he misses the chance to achieve his “personal” milestone.

Would mean we are doing well and as a team have a chance of making the 8.

Although every time I see grub make a tackle I think “oh he is hurt”. I thought he was gone against the boncos the other night.


Although every time I see grub make a tackle I think “oh he is hurt”. I thought he was gone against the boncos the other night.

I thought he was gone again.

Benji. Will get his time during origin period, since we have such a big influx of origin players……

Id love to see Benji get his 300th but only if it is the best outcome for the team.

Maybe play him at centre.
I remember him playing in the centres on Brooks’ debut game.

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