Benji's 300th

Firstly - I like and respect Benji
But - he doesn’t get a spot just so he can achieve a number
And - if he didn’t kick stones all the way to rugby he’d have his 300th already probably

Realistically do we think Reynolds will last that long before being in the rehab unit … Benji will easily see his 300 if he stays fit as well .

Same, thought he was gone for all money

He will get there make no mistake about that

He deserves it and it will be GRAND.

If not this year let Benji go round again next year…good cheap back up…then an ambassadors role starting in 2021…just don’t tell Todd…

Why would Todd McKenney care ??

Unless Benji’s doing Dancing with the Stars ….

@Tarl I hope Benji gets to 300 games but he is a good team and accept whatever turns out.

If Benji doesn’t get 300 this year I would not be surprised if he went around another year.

I would support it.

I don’t care if he gets to 300 or not. It’s not like it’s 300 games for us. I will predict though, if we are out of finals contention towards the end of the year, grub will offer to give up his spot to Benji. That’s the kind of guy he is.


Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, and we make finals, but yes i 100% agree with u

@Tweed_Tiger You would need to support him Tweed.

He would be in a big slump Next year if he played on.

We want to be one of the top clubs in the NRL and yet we would pick someone to get a milestone, even if he is not the best performed in that position?

The top clubs are ruthless, we should be too.

If it was us, Mitchell Pearce would still be at the Roosters and we’d have passed on Cooper Cronk.

Put benji on in the 79th minute of every game

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