Robbie you beaut

Surprised Robbie hasn’t got more kudos. I really thought he was the one that got us back into the game. He really cut holes right up the guts and lifted us when we looked a little flat

Very unlucky to not have nabbed 2 try assists.

I thought he was quiet last week but man he was on against the Broncos.

Brilliant game Robbie.

Agree he was dynamite out of hooker. We have to use our strengths Robbie, Brooks, Reynolds running with support players. Mbye has to get fit as he should be slicing teams open on the back of Farah and Brooks.

He has been awesome… i just have 1 small issue… he likes taking the ball himself and running across the line a lot… 9/10 times it works and we get something o ut of it… but ive noticed in the past few games where hr has done it and held onto the ball and got absolutely nailed by someone… (e.g. our last set in the first half against the donkeys) in which he usually drops the ball… its happened in tbe last few games and can be a momentum killer so yeah

Tend to here a lot more about Farah when he doesnt play well. So the less said suggests he went better than ok.😉

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