Wests Tigers 2019 Heritage Jersey released

One word


Seriously , lets stick to what works


I think ill stick to the jersey i have now thanks

It’s a shocker!!!

Whoever thinks these things up should be sacked.

I’ve seen dozens of mock up hybrid Balmain Magpies jumpers over the years… None have grabbed me same for this rubbish

We did one with the Canterbury (designer not team ) with the bold stripes running horizontal

That was pretty cool

Yea this ain’t it. Horrid looking tbh.

It’s a good blend of the 2 jerseys for heritage round. The current jersey is better imo


It’s a good blend of the 2 jerseys for heritage round.

Yes, I agree. I like the look….I think it will look great on the field.

I’ve seen worse. Question for WT isn’t how great the design is or how it looks on telly, the question is will it sell jerseys.

Yeah at $20 each mid 2020 it will sell like hot cakes

I might even get one then 😁

Sure I saw a couple of these home made by nanna at the time of the merger

I love all the Jersey’s when they throw in the big “V”. I like it.

every dragons jersey ever……

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