Wests Tigers 2019 Heritage Jersey released


Fair enough. My opinion is not right or wrong - just an opinion. I get what you are saying as well

All sweet mate, mine was just an opinion as well!

Don’t know exactly but for some reason 2003 rings a bell ….

Yeah that’s pretty ordinary.


In that case I was right …it is horrible looks as bad as Fergo’s nose does

It looks really haphazardly thrown together.


Someone had Microsoft Paint open on their laptop… and had five minutes to spare…

I read somewhere that this jersey has all the Wests Tigers players name on it. True?

@cqtiger I’d say they are spot on…
20A81ABA-6DC3-4238-A0EB-03A2F5C01881.jpeg FF27C5F7-0DBA-41C9-AA9F-8EF6D0A42E74.jpeg

Any West tigers Jersey looks good to me and look even better if there worn by a winning team.

Whoever decided to put Moseses name next to Anastas should be shot

@innsaneink looks to be done in order of player number

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