Jack De Belin

Couldn’t get a poll working but a big part of me thinks the De Belin will win his case against the NRL

And then what are your thoughts on Peter Beattie as he started the new rule change

Simply put I don’t believe ( as much as I think De Belin is in the wrong if proven guilty ) that you can’t place a rule that is acting after the fact and then premeditate it

It needs to be more like the new sex tapes rule whereas as of this date ……you’ll be banned

I think he’ll win too…looking that way

If he wins, surely Beattie and Greenberg need to go

Beattie probably, but I think for whatever reason, Greenberg seems untouchable. He’s made enough dodgy decisions to be booted a few times over hasn’t he?

If he wins he will definitely make these guys look stupid.
If he loses this but is found not guilty of rape they are in for an even bigger World of hurt.

Greenberg is out of his depth…

I’ve read that somewhere before!

What a crock of 💩 and a disgrace to use this as their defence he and his lawyers should be ashamed of themselves…Doesn’t bode well when you’re using the ploy of redirection does it Jack.👎🤬

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The always someone else’s fault generation…

That is probably the worst excuse i have heard being used to the judge to explain abhorent behaviour.De Belin would be lucky to be considered a halfwit

Guilty or not, of what he is accused of, that excuse for his choices is pathetic.

I did the same thing when i was a kid… whenever i got in trouble i would start shifting the blame and start finger pointing

Can you imagine doing what this guy has done and blaming the NRL for not telling you that it was wrong.

That will do me … My God if the court over turn the NRL on this one what has the world become … So if i was to rob a bank all i would need to say is i was not advised not too… WTF

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