Jack De Belin

@cochise But no one has said he is guilty. He’s being stood down and receiving full pay while he doesn’t play. Best thing for Jack would be to proclaim innocence, welcome his day in court and use his time to go study a degree.

The thing the nrl are missing is the lost wages component by any potential increase he could have received from his next contract. If he is found not guilty, the nrl should top up his wages by what ever loss the time out of the game is perceived to have caused. Including 3rd party. This could potentially be well estimated based on current wage, age, position and rep honours.

That’s all very well - it could take him 2 years to get this to a verdict in court.

He may well be stood down and receive his payments but…

This all means he can’t play until it is decided, if he is found innocent that is at least two years of his playing life down the drain.

I say - innocent until proven guilty - so play on until the court case.

@Russell Being charged for a crime against an individual as serious as this should result in remand for mine and certainly not able to play a national sport, let alone whilst receiving full pay and benefits as well. Even if a sexual predator already has a string of reported offences, they are still just as likely as not, to not have to defend a further charge.

The system benefits the accused to a ridiculous extent and it needs to be changed. Because of this and other issues, only about 1/3 of attacks are reported and of them, a paltry 1/10 odd result in conviction.

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Yep and then smash him if guilty

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