Wests Tigers Team v Parramatta

Alternatively, let him run and the prune will rub our noses in it. I hope the players are reminded of his last two games for us! Hit him hard early - all over.

Yeah, West . … Moses’s ego will make him try his little pea heart out to make himself look good against us.
Like you said . . . hit him hard, hit him early and hit him often.
Hustle him all game and he will end up throwing the toys out of the cot and becoming frustrated to the point of screaming at team-mates. We’ve seen it before, and that stuff doesn’t usually end well !

Fair point mate. Would be interested to see how Gamble handles centre.

Possession is key this season. Heard a Madge interview yesterday morning on the radio.he said the fatigue is being noticed late in the game. Which opens it up late. Win the battle earlier then capitalise late. Hopefully repeat sets by Brooks and Reynolds will help us win the possession count.

just pray every shot he takes… i did that last game and it seemed to work… think ill do that from now on

Thats why we strike hard early and quick and finish the game in the first half

God how good would it be to finish a game in the first half? In fact it’s impossible. We could be 40-0 at half time and I’d still be nervous

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

@geo are we expecting changes and are we desperate enough (sorry meant ego )

Didn’t want to start another topic. So I’ll put it here

Chris Lawrence began full training this week, 7 weeks after he broke his nose, both cheekbones & both eye sockets. He also suffered a collapsed palate & dislodged teeth, & now has 7 plates in his face. He is unlikely to return within the next 2-3 weeks but does plan to play again - nrlphysio

@WT2K After what he has been through I wish him all the best.

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