How do you watch the WT's play ??

My question to all forum members is this , how do you watch our team and judge players and performances

Speaking from my experience usually I pick out a particular player who my opinions may vary on This week I want to watch as much of Moses Mbye that I can Last week was Packer and he was extremely unlucky not be in my Top 3 players

You get to see a lot of things players do off the ball whether it be organizing the side , kick chase , attempting charge downs , line speed , who is lazy in defence , not keeping a straight line , lazy getting back from kick returns ,not taking dirty hit ups

Must admit it is far easier on TV than game day , but if you get the chance and you don’t already do it , give it a burl , you might be surprised what you see from particular players

Thoughts ??

With great difficulty

Yeah, I often keep an eye on a particular player/s, though more so when watching from the stands. Sometimes it is the current forum whipping boy/s that I try to track to understand others issues with them.

A great example was the input of a very common target in Anasta, who rarely produced anything other than poor attacking stats, whilst generally being very good in his defensive contributions. Still, for mine and especially for anyone in the crowd, it was his work in guiding the team around the field that allowed the fresh faced rookie in Brooks to initially blossom brightly and was obvious for anyone that cared to look.

I often try to watch (a) player(s) that I think could be doing better. So a player like Mbye or Jennings this week likely.

Generally with 4 litres of red cordial…straight up…no mixers…

I really admire those who watch the game live and come up with analysis. I simply can’t do this. I get too caught up in the emotion. The best I can do is generic stuff like - forwards are winning the metres etc etc. I usually read forum comments and rewatch the games with these comments in mind.

I squint from a distance!

I know you can’t expect to score on every play however opportunities are missed when the ball is passed to the wrong side as if in a panic, we need cooler heads and a team to move as a team in attach and defence,
basic stuff. I will take up your suggestion and be more observant of particular players.

@happy_tiger good question. The last couple of years I’ve tried to watch the unpopular or new players to make my own mind up about what they offer off the ball that I might not have noticed.

I also ignore yardage more and look at ruck speed and line speed. For mine we were way ahead of the Broncos all game and I’m in the minority there, but although they made decent metres early in the game they couldn’t maintain the effort required because we controlled the tempo. I like a good offload and post contact metres as they can engage the whole defensive line for a repeat effort with no respite, and over the course of a game this is the most reliable way to create opportunities against a good defence.

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