[SMH] Benji predicts Moses will still live up to 'next big thing' tag

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    Benji predicts Moses will still live up to ‘next big thing’ tag
    Benji Marshall recalls Wests Tigers premiership coach Tim Sheens praising Mitchell Moses as a 17-year-old.

    "I remember Tim talked about him and how he was going to be one of the next big things in the game, along with James Tedesco,’’ Marshall told the Herald.

    "I think Mitch will still reach that potential, and he’s building towards it.

    "Tim saw his maturity, his talent, class – Mitch has all those things.

    "He’s always been an unbelievable talent. What we’ve seen the last few weeks is he looks comfortable in his role, he looks calm, and like he wants to own that Parramatta team.

    "I’m really happy for him. It was a tough year last year for him. There was a bit of talk about him being released. I think he’s found his niche there.’’

    Moses was one of the Tigers’ big four – with Tedesco, Luke Brooks and Aaron Woods – before he was released mid-season in 2017 to link with the Eels.

    It was a messy exit and plenty of Tigers fans have found it tough to forgive him.

    Moses remains good friends with Tigers halfback Brooks and while they are no longer housemates, still went out at Christmas together and splurged on a couple of jet-skis.

    The 24-year-old has started the year in style for the blue and golds and now shapes as the Tigers’ biggest threat.

    Josh Reynolds, now the proud owner of Moses’ No.6 jersey, said of the Eels playmaker: "I’ve always rated Mitch as a player. He plays the short sides nearly the best out of anyone in the game, so we’ll have to be on to that

    "He’s definitely stepped it up a level, probably since Corey Norman left.

    "They may have been fighting for that dominant half role, then you saw Brad Arthur come out and say to Mitch, ‘This is your team’, and it’s worked.

    "He’s good at organising and he’s got a competitive nature as well. Parra are going well, they lost their five-eighth [Dylan Brown], but Mitch seems to enjoy that pressure on him.’’

    Balmain great and Moses’ uncle Benny Elias was impressed Sheens identified him at 17, but told the Herald: "I identified him at 14. He was a Parramatta junior, I went to 'Rocket Reddy who was in charge of recruitment, Roy Spagnolo was the chairman and Paul Osborne was the CEO, I told the three of them, ‘This kid is special, he’s a cracker, and if you don’t want him, we’ll steal him from you’. I was on the Balmain board and I said I’ll being him over to the Tigers, and they said, ‘You can have him’.

    "We signed him up at Holy Cross, he did years 11 and 12 and became a Tigers junior.

    "I’ll be going for the Tigers on Monday, but for Mitch to be the man of the match in a losing side

    "He’s a way more mature kid, he’s focused, and since Corey has left he’s taken responsibility and ownership of that team – and you can see it on the paddock.’’

  • @Kul Hopefully back door will be completely wrong and M Moses will be the worst player in a beaten side

  • he needs to run the ball more, that is where he looks the most dangerous… like brooksie

  • Meh… why is Benji talking up the opposition.

  • @upthetigers my thoughts exactly. Benji expresses his opinion way too often imo (irony 😜)

  • He’s after a media career post retirement. Fair enough, I think he’s good at it.

  • Just need Aloiai to run at him with everything he has got.

  • @hammertime He won’t have to worry about GI taking the position.

  • @upthetigers

    GI is looking for job offers at the pub

  • Wrong Moses… clicks [x]

  • @upthetigers Classic tactic - talk up the opposition and put the focus on them.

  • Benji is talking him up so it will be far easier to smash his even bigger than usual head and bury it at Bankwest

  • Wait… i never read the article properly so i thought he qas talking about our moses… not mitch moses…

  • Tim saw maturity?

    He musta been trippin

  • @jirskyr Benji and Robbie love getting stories in the media, and this is exactly how they should be using it. Talking up the opposition, putting pressure on them not us, very good.

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