[SMH] Hot head to cool head: Resurgent Reynolds turns over a new leaf

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    Hot head to cool head: Resurgent Reynolds turns over a new leaf
    Josh Reynolds is fast leaving his hot head reputation behind – those closest to him saying they have noticed a certain calmness creep into his game and life.

    "He brings that energy on the field but he’s developed a calmness about him, I’ve noticed it, and he’s slowed things up here,’’ said Benji Marshall, pointing to his head.

    "You can still do things fast, but if you think slow it’s noticeable.

    "As a half he is finding that balance between slowing things down upstairs and not doing some of that stupid s–t he used to do.’’

    Reynolds has been a standout in his two games back in the NRL, and will prove a handful for Parramatta next Monday.

    Even if he were fit for selection, Marshall said there was no way he would have reclaimed his No. 6 jersey from his good mate because of his form.

    "I wouldn’t deserve to be put ahead of him, just because of what he has brought to the team the past couple of weeks,’’ Marshall said.

    "With his energy it feels like we’re playing an up-tempo game. He brings everyone else up to another level.

    "With the kick chase, he’s so far ahead of everyone else, there’s no excuse for anyone else not to be up there with him.’’

    Marshall is a chance to return from a hamstring injury next week in Tamworth but is more likely to bounce back in round eight against the Sydney Roosters at the SCG.

    Reynolds has been mocked by the Tigers’ medical staff for stringing together successive games after what was a trying first year at the club last season.

    "I’ve played four games in a row if you count the two Canterbury Cup games,’’ a smiling Reynolds said.

    "I’m flying now. We have a little joke in the physio room and they’re like, ‘Four games, you must be proud’, and ‘I’m like, boys, give me something’.

    "I know I should have played a lot more games and I’ve been unlucky with injury.

    "I’ve just realised I don’t need to try and set the world on fire – I’ve come to terms with the fact I don’t have to prove myself every week.

    "People know what I’m about. Life is good, and when that’s good, it helps with footy.

    "I know my role here, and if I do it every week, that’s good enough.

    "I feel like I’m getting back to my old self. I’m really enjoying my footy. I’ve dumbed it down a bit. I’m not running a million miles an hour when I don’t need to. I’m picking my moments.

    "I feel like I’m moving forward and if I continue to do that it will improve the team.’’

    Reynolds said he was comfortable with his role when a five-eighth to organising halfback Trent Hodkinson at Canterbury. But he later lost his way playing in the halves at the Bulldogs with Moses Mbye, who played a similar running role to Reynolds.

    Then Reynolds lost his way a little further when he arrived at Concord as the big-money recruit, only to struggle with injury.

    Reynolds said he had worked hard on his kicking game, which had helped take the pressure off halfback Luke Brooks.

    And should Reynolds continue to impress in a winning Tigers team, Marshall knows he will be forced to bide his time on the bench or even reserve grade – either of which he will accept for the good of the team.

    Marshall said of his dodgy hamstring: "They’ve given me an extra week to try and play in Tamworth, and if not the week after.

    "I tore my hamstring and it was what they call a ‘one-and-a-half grade’. There was also a bit of bleeding on the tendon.

    "I’ve run at about 90 per cent on Tuesday, so I’m getting there. The plan is to have a full week of running at 100 per cent. The last thing I want to do if it’s my last year is to risk [further] injury. Look at Tommy ‘Turbo’ [Trbojevic]. As much as I want to play now, it’s better to wait because it’s a long season.’’

  • Nice comments by Benji. Hopefully Reynolds good form continues.

  • Don’t know when Benji finds time to train

  • Fluff and more fluff

  • @Kul said in [SMH] Hot head to cool head: Resurgent Reynolds turns over a new leaf:

    "You can still do things fast, but if you think slow it’s noticeable.

    So that’s what Benji has been doing when he fires those passes into the crowd.

  • @sheer64

    at least he knows when to find touch… cant seem to do it when we get a penalty…

  • Parenthood will do that …brings perspective into your life

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