Chris Lawrence - The Ghastly Story

Quietly this week Chris Lawrence made his way back to full training. Nobody has heard from Lawrence since he broke his jaw in a training accident before a trial in New Zealand in the pre-season.

That is essentially how it was reported. Lawrence broke his jaw. A new entry on the NRL’s injured players list. He was given the standard 10 weeks on the sideline.

In truth it was much more.

The Tigers were doing an opposed session. It was days before the game. The players had come to understand what was required from their new coach, Michael Maguire, which was intensity and effort and they were giving him all of that.

So it was willing.

The ball was taken up and Lawrence went in for a tackle from one side while Ben Matulino came in from the other.

“I was a bit higher,” Lawrence says.

As their shoulders hit, Lawrence’s head went around the back where, according to the textbooks, his head was safely behind the ball-runner, out of harm’s way.

Only the text books don’t account for Ben Matulino. He came in from the opposite side with his own copybook tackle, head safely to the back, and pretty soon both heads fought for the same spot.

Lawrence’s face collided with the top of Matulino’s head.

What happened next, a surgeon later told Lawrence, he only saw in car accidents.

The bottom half of Lawrence’s face caved in. He broke both eye sockets, both cheekbones, broke his nose, his palate collapsed, his jaw broke and several teeth were dislodged.

Multiple fractures ran through all the broken bones.

The left half of his face was worse than the right, and the right was awful.

The injury was far more serious than first revealed.

“The face had imploded,” Lawrence says.

Essentially, his face was pushed back into his face, roughly in the shape of Ben Matulino’s head.

Lawrence has had some rotten luck in his career.

At every step of this recovery there has been pain and delay.

Surgeons were at first unsure who should do the job. A plastic surgeon? A maxillofacial surgeon, the specialists who rebuild the face?

Lawrence could not fly home for nearly a fortnight. Doctors were afraid the air pressure in flight could dislodge his eyeball.

Eventually a plastic surgeon took the job and his face was slowly rebuilt. The surgeon told him the initial surgery was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

The recovery has not been fast.

Several more operations were needed. This week he saw his surgeon for another check-up. He still sees a maxillofacial surgeon for check-ups on his jaw and teeth. A dentist, too, about his teeth.

Often the advice is the same as it was last time. He must wait for more swelling to go down before they hit the next step.

Lawrence looks different now. Doctors have told him the internal stitching is still tight and will eventually relax. The stitching and the swelling are pulling muscles in different directions.

He has lost facial expression.

“Even now the extent of the injuries are only starting to unravel,” he says.

“My jaw is still not a hundred per cent square. Everything is still out a bit at the moment.

“I was aware it was going to be a slow process.”

Lawrence stayed close to home as his recovery continued. Teammates got a little concerned. He knocked back chances to go here or there because, well, they could only guess why.

Life moves on, though.

Lawrence poured himself into his second job, his management training company One Wellbeing. Helping others, he found, has helped him.

“Without having that to work on every day I probably would have gone insane being stuck at home,” he says.

And with each day the swelling went down, the confidence slowly began to rebuild.

Fans have wondered where he is, why he wasn’t back in 10 weeks. Isn’t that what they said?

A story went around that he might be available for the Tigers by round eight, a fortnight from now. Not so, and he never even considered he might be a chance to run out for the Tigers against the Eels on Monday, this Easter Monday, to open the new Bankwest Stadium.

Time, doctors keep telling him. While impatient at first, and frustrated sure, he has learned to trust time as well.

The greatest comeback story ever, of course, happened this weekend many years back. All that was needed to complete it was for someone to roll away the rock about this time Monday.

A close second happened last Monday morning, our time, when Tiger Woods put more than a decade of injury and scandal behind him to once more climb the mountain that is The Masters.

Woods could hardly swing a club two years ago. His back was a brittle, his life a tabloid.

His victory at Augusta reminded us comebacks are the sweetener of sport. We find something in them, our own little piece, personal to each of us.

With far less coverage, but a barrow load more courage, Chris Lawrence made his way back to Wests Tigers this week and began full training.

The exertion of this week’s first full hitout caused his nose to bleed through the stitches. His face tightened and the scar tissue refused to give way. The parts of his face that are still numb, the nerves unsure whether they want to commit to the comeback like Lawrence has, still stayed numb.

Something more happened, though.

He felt the burn in his muscles. Felt the metallic taste, the taste of exertion, back in his mouth as he pushed himself around the park. He felt exhausted and a little achy and he realised the extent of from how far back he must come.

Most of all, he felt whole again, and that is a good thing

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Deserves his own thread …get well soon Rowdy we need you…

I wish him well for when he can finally make his comeback.He has twice had to endure far worse than normal injuries which would stop many people from playing(me included).Injuuries have cruelly stopped him from becoming the player he should have been.
Hopefully he has an injury free career from here and a happy life with his family when he finally hangs up his boots whenever that is.
He was and has always been a loyal 1 club man and i hope it stays that way

Surprised all those facial injuries never ended his career. If Rowdy does return this season, Just goes to show his toughness, courage & determination.
All the best mate.

@Geo What a story! I had no idea it was that bad. He is a tough lad, no doubt.
I hope we see him back on the park this season.

@Geo agree we need him but boy at some stage he needs to look after himself and think life after footy.

These injuries as bloody tough to come back from in normal life let alone come back to a sport where odds are high he will get hit in the head again.

I wish him all the best

Will we recognize him ??

Hope he comes back better than ever and he has some energy in the bank come the end of season games

Poor buggar. Wouldn’t blame him if he decided to call it a day after this year.

Such a brutal sport, hopefully this doesn’t give him long term pain.

I’d like him to get well and make a comeback, but I would still hold him in the highest esteem if he decides to hang it up.

What I’d really like is for him to hang around the club after he retires. Surely there’s a role for him there somewhere.

@Geo said in Chris Lawrence - The Ghastly Story:

Essentially, his face was pushed back into his face, roughly in the shape of Ben Matulino’s head.

Imagine the sickening noise of such a collision.

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Few of the boys broke out in tears when it happened according to his sister. Come back stronger, Rowdy.

Footballers like Rowdy are a special breed. I can only imagine the courage it would take to come back from an horrific injury like that. When he does come back, I think I’ll be closing my eyes when he goes in to make a tackle.

Reminds me of that sickening face injury Robbie O’Davis had some decades back, perhaps 20 years ago. First time I’d ever heard of a fullback splitting his palate, his face was everywhere. Pretty sure Robbie O came back.

Also Ritchie Barnett I think did something like this playing for the Roosters.

I can only imagine how much it would have hurt. My kids bop me on the nose by accident and it hurts like hell; to have Ben Matulino come in head-first, who I am certain would have a head like a slab of granite… gosh.

So much respect for Rowdy Lawrence, was a legend. Could have given the game away such a long time ago. Makes me think of Ben Galea as well, who didn’t have the injuries of Lawrence, but a class of footballer who is just a pure under-rated legend and clubsman.

What a man, what a player - ROWDY!!!

If we had 17 players with his courage, determination, fortitude and love for the Wests Tigers - no one would ever beat us.

After that, major possible career ending hip injury - he had to change positions - now he has made that second row spot his - with just determination and guts as his second row partner.

Hope you make a full recovery, after another career ending injury (let’s hope not) - looking forward to having you back towards the end of the season, or maybe 2020.

If you decide to call full time - true Tiger fans will understand the decision.

Good luck Chris - we are all with you.

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