**live game feed** vs the Eels

@TheDaBoss I hear you, we should have won that game, but our own ineptitude ruined it. Against a team that could not have played worse, against our biggest personal enemy. Absolutely terrible.

This game, we were never in the contest. Pathetic, but something we see from the Tigers once or twice a month. The Thompson hit was the only highlight for me.

I honestly don’t know how Madge or any coach could even fix it…

It was a bad day at the office. I sadly watched a replay and saw pathetic efforts from Garner, Twal, Reynolds, Packer, Marsters, Fonua lead straight to try’s. All 6 should have been stopped.
Something went wrong today it was pathetic across the board.

Looking at consistent bad trends is more important. The performances of Packer, Mats, Brooks, Mbye, Jennings, Martsers have been struggling most of the season.

Madge will turn them around.

Our halves and fullback need to do better our attack is not good and it’s down to bad execution of Brooks, Reynolds, Mbye. Structure is not the issue they just don’t take the right options. Mbye has died with the ball with a try a cut out pass away at least 3 times this year.

@TheDaBoss That’s not unusual. Losing a game on the Bell is harder to deal with than having 50 put on you imo.

I blame mynew IQ4 box…there is a function that allows you to record every Wests Tigers game so you never miss a thing…i should have never hit that red button…

Whenever we allow a team to play fast through post contact metres and quick play the balls we get trampled. Souths at end of last year, bulldogs and now eels.
I’m not slitting my wrists today - everything went parra’s way, they were hyped, the event was enormous, they started well and got a roll on and were unstoppable.
I’m not excusing our effort though - we needed to control the ruck and we didn’t. As a result we became fatigued and fell apart.
As for the call to drop everyone including the ballboys - my question is: “for who?” Magpies were beaten also today.
Biggest disappointment for me today was we have worked so hard over the first five weeks to have a good for and against and we threw it away in one game.

@GNR4LIFE said in **live game feed** vs the Eels:

How anyone that calls themselves a WT’s supporter can defend him has me stuffed. Especially after his post match interview. Hand in your supporter card and move along. The guy is a vile little POS.

Bitter until the end. The fact is he is far better than anybody we’ve got at the moment… how was Brooks’ interview?

@TigersBusDriver You reckon Melbourne would ship 51 points if Cam Smith got injured?

@cktiger Probably am bitter. At least that’s an understandable emotion though. Finding glee in your team having 50 put past them, and rubbing people’s face in it that the opposing halfback outplayed ours isn’t. It’s pathetic.

@Tiger_Steve Good post Steve - agree with most of what you say.

Only good thing thing that came out of the day was Liddle getting through his game unscathed.


And Thompson’s hit, on gutho

@TheDaBoss said in **live game feed** vs the Eels:


And Thompson’s hit, on gutho

Thompson, as always, was solid.

@Yossarian This is the major difference between the two clubs …Only playing to your ability ever week is only acceptable at the Storm right from the Chairman to the ballboys .
Ours… well there is always next week the underachiever mentality comes from the Chairman to our ballboys.

After watching the train wreck yesterday reality is we are in a hell of a mess, hes stuck with Ivan’s bargain buys,all on long term contracts unfortunately madge might have to pay out some of the deadwood he inherited…Fonua, Reynolds,packer,mbye,Brooks, masters should all be shown the door

I wouldn’t be too quick to punt masters… He’s got talent has shown class albeit briefly with us… He’d shine in a slick backline like the chooks

I can’t believe people are talking about showing Marsters the door… What other centres on the market would better suit us??

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