3,2,1 Thread for Parramatta Eels

#1- Thompson
#2- Twal
#3- Matterson

im actually struggling to find players

  1. Twal
  2. Thompson
  3. Matterson

Honourable mention to Fonua who despite some mistakes actually tried.

The rest should hang their heads. Reynolds was pus, Packer embarrassing and Jennings isn’t a first grader unless he’s falling over the line.

Maguire has a huge job to do. 20 years of Wests Tigers and it has been the same shit for 18 of those years.

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3 Thompson
2 Matterson (for HIA’ing Alvaro on the first tackle)
1 Reynolds (for trying which is more than a lot of others did, cough RUSSEL PACKER)

2. Farah ( dodged a bullet)
1.luck dip

3 Thompson
2 Matterson
1 I honestly can’t think of another worth naming. They were terrible. Mbye at a pinch

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6 - Thompson

N.B. I turned the game off at 50 mins.

3- Thompson
That’s all

3 Thompson
2 Eisenhuth
1 Matterson

@maxxn99 Matterson Thompson and Alioai were best for mine

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