3,2,1 Thread for Parramatta Eels

3 - Thompson
2 - Matterson
1 - Mbye

3 Thompson
2 Matterson
1 Faz

3 Thompson
2 Matterson
1 Twal

3. matterson
2. thommo

  1. huth

For the week
3. Thompson, 2. Matterson, 1. Eisenhuth

It was a 3 way tie for 1 point before my vote, with Twal and Fonua equal to Eisenhuth.

Honestly if the game was worth talking about ever again I would ask for more people to contribute so we could get a more balanced view. Given how pathetic they all were I just made a call on who I’d give 1 to.

For the season:

Alex Twal 8
Ryan Matterson 7
Robbie Farah 4
Josh Reynolds 4
Corey Thompson 4
Josh Aloiai 3
Mahe Fonua 2
Michael Chee Kam 2
Esan Marsters 1
Matt Eisenhuth 1

Thanks to those who are just posting votes, it is much easier now, and extra thanks to @Geo for cleaning the thread

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