Outplayed, plain and simple': Maguire to renew defensive focus

‘Outplayed, plain and simple’: Maguire to renew defensive focus
Chris Kennedy
NRL.com Reporter
Mon 22 Apr 2019, 07:48 PM

A disappointed Wests Tigers coach Michael Maguire says his side’s big 51-6 Easter Monday loss to the Eels was a setback for a club that had been defending well all season.

“Plain and simple they outplayed us today – we need to look at why and what,” Maguire said.

“That’s what defence is all about, how you turn up together and how you connect and we didn’t do that… We just didn’t turn up and put our shoulders in and we’re all accountable for that.”

Maguire eyed the short turnaround to the Titans next Saturday as a chance to get the team back on track. He also praised the way the team responded to their 22-8 loss to Canterbury in round three, winning their next two games, and hoped for a similar bounce-back after the Eels loss.

"We’ve shown the last two or three weeks, the Canterbury game wasn’t [a performance] we were after and we were able to fix it.

“We have to look inside, look at us, we’re the ones out on the field, the players have to be honest with what we expect of each other.”

Match Highlights: Eels v Wests Tigers
Maguire refused to blame the head knock to Robbie Farah, with the in-form No.9 rubbed out of the contest early, as a reason for the performance.

“None at all – 50 points, that [his presence] doesn’t fix 50 points.”

He added Farah had passed his HIA but was ruled out for the match due to the way he stumbled at the time of the incident, which is another of the indicators for concussion. Luke Garner, who was taken off later in the game due to a head knock, also passed his HIA but similarly to Farah could not return because of the way he fell at the time of the incident.

Maguire expected both to be available to face the Titans but didn’t rule out other possible changes, with veteran play-maker Benji Marshall getting closer to a return from a hamstring strain.

“I’m not sure yet, I’ll have to wait and see – hamstrings are a tricky one, they can give you a 6-10 weeker if you don’t get it right,” he said.

Despite his obvious disappointment, Maguire had huge praise for the impressive new stadium where the Tigers will get a chance to host games later in the season.

“Incredible – one of the best things that’s happened to rugby league for some time,” he said.

"That scoreline hurt but to me that’s going to change the game, when we get the new stadium in town [at Moore Park] it will go to another level.

“It was a complete spectacle out there, it’s just unfortunate we didn’t play our part.”

Wow Madge…you don’t say…

What can he say? He’s gotta stay positive. The short turnaround will be good for us imo. Less time to mull.

@GNR4LIFE Isn’t that what we said last time? lol. I guess more time down the bottom makes the time up the top more special.

More crap by another coach !

@TheDaBoss said in Outplayed, plain and simple': Maguire to renew defensive focus:
but didn’t rule out other possible changes,

the replacements aint much better on what we’ve got now.

last edited by WT2K

Bring on McQueen. Let’s see what he has got. Might lift against his old club.

Outplayed? We were slaughtered Madge! There’s a difference and there are no excuses for that complete lack of effort out there today. Oh and Madge we didn’t bounce back and win the next 2 games after being flogged by Canterbury- we only won one of them.

On another note, Packer & Matulino have, for the most part, been a huge disappointment since they signed on. Packer looks all mean and scary, but honestly he plays with the tenacity of a piece of fairy floss! And Matulino, who was once a very good player just looks like he needs to retire. Honestly boys if you can’t be stuffed, just give it away please!

This Squad are yo yo’s There good for one great performance a month and that is it .
There are serious issues with this squad including some on long term contracts and fan favourites .l am sure McGuire knows exactly what needs to be done just playing the speak game not to upset the spineless men that run the club …

Perhaps Madge can weave some of his magic and make up a dream team …

@TheDaBoss you can put lipstick on a pig mate, at the end of the day it’s still a pig.


Gonna end up as bacon at some point in its life

A very disappointing display by a first grade team ,a lot of room for improvement.

Does anybody know who is off contract from our squad at the end of the season? I’m sure I saw a list somewhere on here… I usually like to think we’d be able to work with what we have, for the most part, but we really do have some rubbish on our books.

Ivan has almost completely wasted a large salary cap where we finally had the chance to sign some talent. Wasn’t much available at the time, I know, but we would’ve been better off holding off in place of some of the signings we made. Matulino, McQueen and a handful of others have done absolutely nothing more than we could’ve had with those already signed.

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