No Wooden Spoons but we are the worst franchise in rugby league History

  • We have made the semis 3 times in 29 years… if you were a Balmain fan before that… not sure what wests were maybe 5 times if you were a magpies fan

    we may never have won a wooden spoon before. but this team percentage of ,making the semis is pathetic. it has only had one consistent year it’s it’s merger that was 2010 when we stayed in the top 4 most of the year… in 05 it was a good 3 months in 2011 the same a good 3 months. every other year it’s bottom for or our usual 9th place.

    Oh look at again we are in our fav position 9th place back to our usual Negative F and A

    that permanence yesterday was pathetic disgraceful disgusting heartless. and every tigers fan should burn their jersey on fire. film it on YouTube and make the players watch it

    we are a joke it doesn’t matter who coaches the team. Sheens Lamb McGuire Taylor Potter. the team can’t beat rubbish teams. the team only turns up when it wants too… let’s trys in before halftime… can’t hold a dog lead if they tried (the penrith game just like the year 2000 against Penrith) always start the year our 2-0 and fans are given false hope with ‘this is a different tigers team this year’ yeah right I said to myself when I read those comments on here and laughed. those fans must not have seen the history of the tigers franchise with their famous 2-0 starts. but they will never learn that we are never a ‘different team’

    We are the worst franchise in sporting history the most losing franchise in sporting history over the last 30 years. and for some reason I keep supporting them and I shouldn’t bother.

  • Just pointing out - Wests Tigers celebrating 20 years this year.

    What is this 29 years crap.

    Let’s concentrate on now rather than history.

    I have supported them for 20 years plus 49 years back in the day - have never thought I shouldn’t bother.

    If you want to celebrate Grand Final wins you have to support them when they go as bad as yesterday as well.

  • I don’t wanna hear the 20 years crap either… a lot of us were not just fans in the year 2000 magpies fans and balmain fans went through crap in the 90s of losing as well. you can’t just erase that history from our heads they are part of it and we have all dealt with those failures and bad teams too.

    face it a lot of us if not all of us became fans of this franchise because we were forced to and had no choice. I refuse to erase history. because of the merger. without those 2 clubs why would most of us even bother supporting this merger I would not be a wests tigesrs fam if Balmain was still around and I am sure Magpies would be the same

  • You see there is one underlying fact here and that is with different coaches different players different CEO’s the sum game is the same . So what is that variable it is the people that run the club … they are the real losers , they do not care ! everything has to stay the same it has for 20 SEASONS … my god they make an ex politician the Chairman that believes that North Sydney oval should be still operating .
    And where is our home game this weekend ?no problem with this lot giving away home ground advantage to overseas country’s or other areas . If you want to know why just look at the groups of people that have run the club over 20 Seasons !

  • Take pride in the fact that you go for the LOWEST team.

    ITd be easy going for winners.

  • @simonthetiger said in No Wooden Spoons but we are the worst franchise in rugby league History:

    Take pride in the fact that you go for the LOWEST team.

    ITd be easy going for winners.

    Sure would be nice for a season or five 😁

  • @takemenow .Whatever you say Chief.

  • that is what I mean… roosters and storm they lose 1 game in the year (like the patriots in the NFL) and their fans go into a panic about how the beginning of the end is near… and 6 months later they are yet in another grand final…

    try being a tigers fan they would commit suicide. they don’t know what losing is.

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    Personally i think the Gold Coast franchise in whatever reincarnation they have been are the worst closely followed by the NZ Wobblers who have a whole country to chose from and have duck egg to show for it …oh and Manly…they suck…

  • @Geo interesting you pick two out of Sydney teams as perennial losers. And here I was thinking we had to get rid of Sydney clubs. We are definitely not as successful on field as we should be but from a supporter base perspective we are up there with the best. You want to streamline the NRL - get rid of Gold Coast and put some research into why Warriors are not warriors. Yeah and I’d be happy to get rid of manly, or Rorters, or broncos and that humble flea from parramatta

  • @Geo and we will lose to the titans because they are a crap team therefore that is a auto tigers loss… we always lose to those idiots too it’s their 4th attempt at a franchise.

  • There is so much criteria that would need to be taken into account . We’ve won a premiership. Yeah, you can probably consider it a fluke, and our finals record is pitiful, but a lot of those seasons we were on the edge of the 8. A lot of 9th place finishes. Very few bottom 4 finishes. If we had a lot of seasons like the poor old Magpies circa 98-99 I’d agree, but we haven’t. Have we been poor? Of course. Are we the worst? Not imo.

    The Warriors have a whole country at their disposal, plus a millionaire owner, yet how much do they underachieve.

    Parramatta are one of the biggest clubs in Sydney, yet have made the finals once in the last 10 years and haven’t won a comp in over 30 years.

    You can make a case for a lot of clubs if you take the black, white and orange goggles off.

  • Parra are even bigger basketcases. They were cheating and still couldn’t compete.

  • We have managed to maintain a healthy supporter base with years of poor management and disappointing results.
    The NRL would have turfed us years ago had it not been for our long suffering supporters.Our loyalty to an underperforming team is a huge dilemma for the NRL.

  • @GNR4LIFE maybe by my words I should have said least successful. rather than worst. yes I know we won a comp so that might cancel that out. but we are a team that has the worst record ever at actually ever making it to the finals. there has been about 4 or 5 teams the team controlled their destiny 07 09 04 2016 to make the 8 and the team in the final round has got SMASHED or blow it like letting 2 trys in the last 10 mins of a game. in 07

    the eels have at least made the finals plenty of times.

    Would we rather win the comp once every 20 years and miss the finals for the other 19 years??
    Get the spoon 4 or 5 times. make the finals for 12 of those years for 20 years?? (IE Eels) eels may not have won a comp but in 20 years the team has made 2 grand finals and 2 minor premierships mind you I would take our 2005 over that.

    I know in a perfect world we would all love to be the roosters or storm fans and make the finals every year 95% of the time (broncos as well)

    Even souths were a basket case for 20 years and now they make the finals just about every year since 2013 our club can never get a decent 3 year run of being up there… 2010 was the closet but 2011 as I said had 3 good months at the end before choking to the warriors. and 2012 we were ‘favs’ to win the comp and didn’t even make the 8.

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