Wests Tigers v Titans: Round 7 preview

  • Wests Tigers v Titans: Round 7 preview
    Tue 23 Apr 2019, 09:01 AM
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    Removing this game from the Sydney-Gold Coast confines and plonking it in the heart of rural NSW, at Scully Park in Tamworth, might make it a minefield for tipsters.

    Despite back-to-back wins, is there enough faith out there in the Titans now that they face a second game without their skipper Ryan James (knee) and Origin prop Jarrod Wallace (suspension)? It worked the first time but this week they are away from the Cbus Stadium faithful.

    And is it being too brave to tip the Wests Tigers after a 51-6 whalloping at the hands of the Eels at the new BankWest Stadium last round?

    Up until that game, on paper the Wests Tigers with their much higher rates of possession across five rounds, meant Michael Maguire’s men should have the upper hand.

    However, after the humiliation against the Eels, the gap on the NRL ladder between these two now is not as sizeable - 9th and 11th.

    Still the Titans hit their straps in round five scoring five tries to beat the Panthers, after showing similar traits with four tries in the round three loss to the Rabbitohs.

    The beach boys can play when they put their minds to it.

    Match: Wests Tigers v Titans

    Wests Tigers
    Home Team
    Wests Tigers

    9th Position
    Away Team

    11th Position
    Match odds provider: sportsbet
    Home Team Wests Tigers Odds
    Away Team Titans Odds
    Venue: Scully Park

    Match broadcasters:
    The Rundown
    Key match-up
    Locks Josh Aloiai (Tigers) and Jai Arrow (Titans) have become crucial to momentum through the middle for both sides. Aloiai makes an average 107 metres per game with a tackle efficiency of 93.8%, while Arrow makes 154 metres on average but is just 87.7% in tackles. Both man love to bust the line and have solid post contact metres.

    For the Tigers to win
    Robbie Farah being fit (missed 70 minutes against the Eels through injury) so he can continue to get out of dummy-half as often, and as quickly, as he did over the first five games. He’s had three try assists, four line-break assists and scored three times himself. And when he’s not zooming all over the field, he’s had seven forced line drop outs to keep the pressure on oppositions.

    For the Titans to win
    Fullback Michael Gordon is third in the NRL on kick-return metres, so the other members of the back-five, like centres Tyrone Peachey and Brian Kelly, need to be right there with him in support to keep stretching the defence. Gordon ran for 160 metres with two line-breaks in the Titans first win of the year (against the Panthers) two weeks ago. He ran 133 metres in the win over the Knights. He’s also kicked 12 goals across those two games.

    Brett Kimmorley says
    We’re off to Tamworth. The Titans had a good win last weekend. They had some adversity with players ruled out before the game, in the warm up, and then again early on. Maybe for the Titans their blueprint got thrown out the window and they just played some tough footy. Where was this side over the first five weeks? For the Tigers, it’s going to be a tough week for them. I don’t know if Scully Park is going to have the same aura as the opening of Westbank Stadium. Titans by 2

    Stat Attack
    The Wests Tigers are in the top-four for offloads with 68 putting them in the same bracket as the ‘kings’ of this kind of caper - the Sharks and Warriors. That willingness to chance their hand with second phase play gives the Tigers that unpredictability and excitement. But the Titans might the ones popping the champagne, as this is their 300th premiership game since entering the competition in 2007.

    And another thing …
    Luke Brooks is up there with Origin players Damien Cook, James Maloney and Nathan Cleary in engaging the line. He’s doing it an average seven times a game. But he’s outside the top-20 for line-break assists, while seven other halves are in the top-10. Converting his timing and talents into points will go a long way to keeping the Wests Tigers in the top-eigh

  • And now we play the Titans celebrating a milestone game. Fair dinkum you couldn’t make this stuff up!

  • Anyone know whether they will wear the white or black jumper this game, if I turn the Tele on and they have the white jumper on, turn Tele straight off, just superstition,but they seem to lose a lot of games in the white jumper

  • @rex2ce It’s a home game so I would assume they will be wearing black.

    Prefer the white myself.

  • I can say I don’t want a close/tight match where I are 10 years but in that is not going to happen… and we r going to have another stressful game

  • @Tiger_Steve said in Wests Tigers v Titans: Round 7 preview:

    And now we play the Titans celebrating a milestone game. Fair dinkum you couldn’t make this stuff up!
    I wonder if they are thinking the same, playing us coming off a 50 point loss…

  • Really good attacking stats for Farah this yeat, good on him.

  • ForumSupporter

    Mighty Wests Tigers by 54…

  • @Geo

    I like to dream as well, but reality sets in when i wake up

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