Gould quitting Penrith

  • Report: Phil Gould set to parts ways with Penrith Panthers
    By George Vlotis
    an hour ago
    NRL great Phil Gould reportedly feels his role at Penrith Panthers has become “redundant” and the club is in “good hands” under coach Ivan Cleary, as speculation mounts over the NRL guru’s imminent departure from the franchise.

    It is understood Gould has spoken with Panthers management, with the general manager of football proposing that he step down from his role, effectively bringing an end to his eight years at the club.

    NRL.com reports the Panthers’ board will ratify the decision on Wednesday in an official capacity.

    While club chief Brian Fletcher confirmed that Gould was still currently employed by Penrith, Nine’s chief rugby league journalist Danny Weidler reported that Gould felt his time was coming to an end.

    “I just talked to Panthers CEO Brian Fletcher,” Weidler tweeted. “He [Fletcher] said: ‘I’ve talked to Gus. He feels his position is now redundant and the club is in good hands with Ivan Cleary as coach. I’ll be taking his position to the board tomorrow’,” Weidler tweeted.

    Gould was pivotal in his role as football manager of the Panthers ushering in an era of youth talent development and the founding of the Panthers centre of football excellence.


  • @tiger-tom Gould has done his hatchet job getting Cleary to leave Wests Tigers, he thinks he’s done his job and is now quitting Penrith.

  • Oh, God! Does this mean we have to put up with more of his rhetoric bull💩 in the media and during live games…Look up Ego maniac tool and you’ll see a picture of Phil.

  • Penrith to commission a statue of him to be placed at the entrance of the Leagues Club.Just from the neck down- no room for the head.

  • Heard of Gould going on the news headlines. 😂
    That reason is a load of crap - unless his job was to stuff up Penrith.
    No way they are in good shape but Gould sacking Cleary again would be laughable.
    Unless they improve, Cleary will be sacked, just not by Gould this time.

  • Ivan Cleary starting to leave a real stench behind him as the corpses stack up!

  • Sounds as though Gould might have been telling the truth all along. He wanted Bennett and O’Neill wanted his mate.

  • Gould to Sharks. Announcement within a month. Take it as read.

  • Gould couldn’t get Penrith over the line

  • @happy_tiger said in Gould quitting Penrith:

    Gould couldn’t get Penrith over the line

    The try line?

  • Thankfully no video was involved

  • @tiger-tom said in Gould quitting Penrith:

    @tiger-tom Gould has done his hatchet job getting Cleary to leave Wests Tigers, he thinks he’s done his job and is now quitting Penrith.

    He never wanted Cleary … he wanted Bennett.
    Possibly one reason he’s had enough.
    Plus Cronulla are most probably offering him a motza - even though they’re supposed to be broke.

  • If Gould had Bennet all but signed the Panthers board is crazy. Or maybe signing Ivan really was the only way they could keep Nathan. Nathan had contracts from Penrith on the table for a long time before he signed.

    Looking forward to the stories after they win a game and how Ivan has full control of the team and he has full support from the board. We might have to wait a few weeks.

  • Hell, I’d be offering Gould a contract too for WT as football manager. Why not compete with Cronulla- at least we would be more of a challenge, yet potentially offer greater successful measure rewards with junior development etc than Sharks. We wouldnt die wondering then.

    Do we recruit success / mediocrity?

  • He did a great job getting the panthers off field issues sorted in regards to pathways and finances.
    We still need that done here.

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