Jersey Flegg Team Announcement: Round 7

Jersey Flegg Team Announcement: Round 7
Dan Talintyre
Tue 23 Apr 2019, 04:07 PM
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Wests Tigers Jersey Flegg Coach Wayne Lambkin has named his side to take on the Cronulla Sharks in Round 7 this Sunday as part of the “Return to Lidcombe” Round at Lidcombe Oval.

Wests Tigers will kick off against the Sharks from 3:10pm AEST on Sunday following the club’s Canterbury Cup clash against Newtown from 1:00pm, with the Harvey Norman NSW Women’s Premiership side also in action from 4:55pm.

After a dominant 36-10 win over the Parramatta Eels in Round 6 saw Wests Tigers take their winning streak to three in a row, the young guns will now be looking to move in to the top eight with a victory over the second-placed Sharks this week.

2019 Development Players Jock Madden and Henry Lealuga-Puhotau have once again been named for the game along with 2020 Development Player Zac Cini, who bagged a first double half in last week’s win over the Parramatta Eels.


  1. Logen Dillon
  2. Liam Scolari
  3. Zac Cini
  4. Curtis Wilson
  5. Shondre Lee-Silva
  6. Gus Garzaniti
  7. Jock Madden
  8. Mavoni Tuifua
  9. Rua Ngati
  10. Henry Lealuga-Puhotau
  11. Billy Stapleton
  12. Ben Seufale
  13. Lucas Castle


  1. Ray Jankovic
  2. Jordan Main
  3. Sione Tupou
  4. Felix Smith
  5. Bryn Callaghan
  6. Senn Kane

Coach: Wayne Lambkin

Completely smashed we were today. Very lucky it didn’t end up 60 or 70 point deficit, Cronulla got wayward on a few sets and costs themselves more points. Our forwards were run over the top off continually, there was a person on hear that wrote we have the slowest weakest pack and guess what they were right, poor fullback of ours, never seen a fullback at this level scream so much at his forwards to get up and turn around, literally sharks were running at us and our forwards were jogging back on side with there back turned, just unacceptable at this level. Backs had no hope for us today, but I saw something very very worrying, Dillon went off after he was knocked out with a poor attempt at tackle, but Madden can not tackle at all and Cini wow, he literally stepped out of the way like little kids do when a big kid runs at you, and after the game I heard a Wests player near the sheds calling madden weak and overrated were the two words I heard, in regards to a possible fake injury, because it was too hard for him, very very worrying when team mates are doubting fellow team mates commitment.


cheers m8, apreciate it

Very very very disappointing today sharks defence was average but our defence was woeful and our attack was shit I think the ball went out wide once and we scored. the 7 and the 6 I really wonder if they know what’s going on all they wanna do is turn the ball back inside all the time .throw the ball out you might surprise yourselves a think a few players today should take a good hard look at themselves

Balmain boy were you at the game yesterday, how did you rate this performance, interested to see what your thoughts are on quality of forwards we have or don’t have I should say, and how this side are are coached, seem we off the pace in the middle third to me in both attack and defence, Christ they can’t even do a quick two pass to get to an edge, you seem to have some knowledge on the boys?

@fred said in Jersey Flegg Team Announcement: Round 7:

Balmain boy were you at the game yesterday, how did you rate this performance, interested to see what your thoughts are on quality of forwards we have or don’t have I should say, and how this side are are coached, seem we off the pace in the middle third to me in both attack and defence, Christ they can’t even do a quick two pass to get to an edge, you seem to have some knowledge on the boys?

I wasn’t able to make the Lidcombe match as originally planned. I’m not surprised we got smashed. Sharks invest a huge amount of money into junior recruitment from all over the country seeing as they have so few of their own and usually have massive and skillful players in all positions.

Sadly our Flegg team has been pillaged for the NSW Cup squad, seeing as we haven’t signed any players for that level, and we have had numerous injuries in first grade. A shame, and i’m not sure why we haven’t recruited anyone for the Magpies. Ideally none of the development boys would be playing NSW Cup yet. Talau’s progress is being stifled due to not getting involved. Bradley is mostly just returning kicks, but is at least occasionally getting a play called for him to dive over in the corner. Seyfarth and Henry still need to fill out and get more experience before they can have an impact at that level.

But I digress. The point was having Henry and Seyfarth called up to NSW Cup weakened an already weak pack. Seufale being out also weakened it. Even at full strength we probably would have lost, but it should have been closer if we had these 3 playing. If you can’t compete in the forwards the backs are screwed so having Bradley and Talau wouldn’t have made much difference. This squad doesn’t have the pack to compete against the top sides, but can still dominate the weaker sides.

Obviously I can’t mention efforts in defence without seeing it. You’d like to think no-one would fake injury to get out of a pummeling. I imagine the Sharks had significantly more possession and territory too so fatigue would be an issue.

Forwards being slow and unaware while getting onside sounds more like a fatigue and concentration issue rather than a coaching one.

As for players complaining about team mates that sounds a bit like sour grapes really. The 3 best players by a long way in yesterday’s lineup were Dillon, Cini and Madden. The rest are largely inconsistent squaddies. As long as no-one thinks or behaves like they’re above the team then individuals shouldn’t criticise their team mates if they’re having a bad game. For players accustomed to winning it may be a new experience getting smashed, but it’s one which all players need to have the mental toughness to deal with.

A few callups from Balmain SG Ball could really help this team though. Their entire back row for starters.

@Balmain_Boy thanks Balmain boy, yeah I look forward to seeing some of the sg ball boys step up because I agree with you the back row spots must be up for grabs, Stapleton, Callaghan,main and castle just aren’t up to it I’m afraid. Anyway it’s on again next week and hopefully we put up a better showing.

@Thaiger did you catch the game on the weekend? Would be interested to know your take.

@Balmain_Boy Yes I was. Sharks were very strong and seemed to make very easy metres up the middle rolling forward.

When we took the ball up they seemed to have much better line speed and we struggled to get across the advantage line. They had a couple of very big forwards (one an Australian Schoolboy prop - Franklin Pele(?)) who scored a couple of soft tries barging it up. Not sure if we were taking advantage of the ref the same as they were in defence?

In fairness to our boys we fought back from 20-4 to 20-16 right on half time which I thought showed good character and we were still right in the contest.

Unfortunately in the second half we were camped down in our 22 and just could not seem to get out and in the end we ran out of puff. We just couldn’t stop them and our defence was pretty poor. Our right winger did save a great try coming from far behind in cover to roll over the Sharks player right on the line in what looked like would be a certain score. Whilst we were still in it, after that we struggled and had too many injuries - 2 to concussion, Henry did his knee (not sure how bad but didn’t look good) and then Madden had a problem with his hamstring. I think we ran out of reserves?

My thoughts? We didn’t seem to be up for this game and didn’t have the urgency the Sharks did. Our attack seems to be one out all the time with Madden occasionally turning the ball back inside to runner hitting it up. These tactics seemed strange to me when the Sharks were so big up the middle and we needed to run them around a bit. Running at them time after time while they just waited for us wasn’t working. Whilst ball security early in the tackle count is priority, either a ball playing forward or some more adventurous plays tackles 3 and 4 would be beneficial.On the rare occasion when we did send it our OC scores twice.

I just don’t understand why we can’t get it wide and we don’t even seem to look - Curtis the right edge player very good as is Zac but they don’t always pass it when they should. Basically both wingers are starved of the ball unless they run it out from the red zone. Lee was pretty much MOTM the week before but couldn’t get anywhere near the ball this week unless he went in. Talau seemed to be better at giving it on the right edge when required but of course he was unavailable. Both our centres though have a lot of ability and go well.

My mail which could be incorrect was that 3 players pulled out on Friday night and one of the reserves didn’t turn up to the captain’s run Saturday morning so wasn’t picked. Not sure what is going on - maybe injuries and lack of communication somewhere?

I think the boys were frustrated but they were all doing their best. They did at least fight back but the Sharks are a strong unit and if we don’t turn up and be aggressive we have no chance but they are definitely beatable. There were too many soft tries which if stopped would have had us in there. They did miss a lot of goals so score could have been worse but that’s irrelevant if we man up in defence.

I think there will be changes this week due to performance and injuries. I expect a more enthusiastic showing - we were definitely off last Sunday.

last edited by Thaiger

Nice to read your thoughts thaiger, pretty much agree, seems baffling how our biggest asset is our outside backs, but we just don’t use them. Is it the coaching? , who is telling Ngati to pass the ball to Lucas castle so much, just baffling, pretty sure I’m correct when I say the first try came by madden giving Dillon early ball who skipped on the outside of his man and put Wilson through a gap? And the second try came from a stop start movement where madden gave it to Dillon who hit lee on the chest with a quick ball to basically go over untouched? That’s my main point with this side, the better players don’t touch the ball nowhere near enough, and yeah it’s a nightmare playing in the outside backs in this side, cause you just never see the ball, again I ask is it the coaching?

@fred I think we can be more creative without giving away too much ball security when completing sets. We will get away with 4 straight hit ups time after time with the weaker sides but not the good ones. I get the need to dominate in the forwards first and then throw it out but even when we do we don’t look to take advantage out wide. I think Chops is too good a coach so either he has a plan or the players aren’t listening or thinking on their feet. I guess that’s why they call it experience (or lack of it) at this age.

@fred Thats what I was thinking too, though Lambkin is a highly acclaimed and successful coach - with a strong track record. Surely if the team wasn’t carrying out his game plan though he’d be yelling at them from the sidelines…?

Let these lads keep improving, cause they might be playing in first grade one day

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