Rank The Halfbacks

  • Lets see where our players rank amongst the rest. Rank where you think they are. For mine:

    NRL Halfbacks

    1. Daly Cherry Evans

    2. Michael Morgan

    3. Adam Reynolds

    4. Cooper Cronk

    5. Nathan Cleary

    6. Ben Hunt

    7. Mitchell Pearce

    8. Mitchell Moses (Great in attack, but one of the worst defensive halves)

    9. Ash Taylor

    10. Blake Green

    11. Luke Brooks

    12. Aidan Sezer

    13. Chad Townsend

    14. Lachlan Lewis

    15. Brodie Croft

    16. Kodi Nikorima

  • @WeHaveCheeKam

    1. Cooper Cronk
    2. Daly
    3. Reynolds
    4. Morgan
    5. Cleary
    6. Pearce
    7. Hunt
    8. Green
    9. Townsend
    10. Moses (1 good game does a half make)
    11. Brooks
    12. Taylor
    13. Lewis
    14. Croft
    15. Nikorima
    16. Sezer (i rate Williams more highly)

    There are also a likely a couple missing from this list: Lam, Flanagan, Tracey, Clifford that would rate higher than some of those towards the bottom

    1. DCE
    2. Morgan
    3. Reynolds
    4. Cronk
    5. Cleary
    6. Brooks
    7. Pearce
    8. Moses
    9. Lewis
    10. Hunt
    11. Green
    12. Townsend
    13. Taylor
    14. Croft
    15. Nikorima
    16. Sezer

  • 1 Cronk
    2 DCE
    3 Reynolds
    4 Pearce
    5 Morgan
    6 Hunt
    7 Cleary
    8 Townsend
    9 Green
    10 Brooks
    11 Lewis
    12 Moses
    13 Taylor
    14 Croft
    15 Sezer
    16 Nikorima


    1. Cronk
    2. Reynolds
    3. DCE
    4. Cleary
    5. Morgan
    6. Pearce
    7. Hunt
    8. Pearce
    9. Moses
    10. Townsend
    11. Brooks
    12. Taylor
    13. Sezer

  • Cooper Cronk
    Daly Cherry Evans
    Adam Reynolds
    Ben Hunt
    Michael Morgan
    Mitchell Pearce
    Mitchell Moses
    Blake Green
    Nathan Cleary
    Ash Taylor
    Luke Brooks
    Chad Townsend
    Lachlan Lewis
    Brodie Croft
    Aidan Sezer
    Kodi Nikorima

  • No way Brooks is ahead of Townsend, not even close, and Nikorima is a Brooks clone, does something good followed by garbage, and most are rating him last or close to it

  • @851

    100% agree townsend is a whole league above brooksie

  • the one i had down near the bottom but with i think real potential to climb is Lach Lewis - he has everything you want in a halfback for mine just needs a better team around him and could be anything

  • @boonboon he is a gun

    or will be one for sure

    1. Brooks

    Couldn’t be arsed typing the rest !

  • I don’t remember a time where halfback stocks throughout the competition have been so weak. They all have blinders here and there, but none are consistent. Brooks would be somewhere in the middle.

  • If we look to move Brooks to another position, I agree no great standout prospects amongst current regular halfback in NRL. Are there any up and comers in the ISP comp or even ESL to target with offer?

  • Cronk


    I rate Brooks above average, but as you say, that’s more a reflection on the weak field than anything.

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