Wests Tigers Custodian, Moses Mbye.
In my opinion, he needs to be running the ball o lot more and hitting those gaps like he was doing in 2018. He scored a very good try last year when farah went short to Mbye and he hit a big gap in the line. Brooks and Mbye need to link up a lot more.

@IWasBornATiger I think that will build as it seems he is getting over his knee injury. Very positive signs last weekend!

He looked very silky last weekend. Was a drastic improvement, hope he can keep it going.

WT medical and training staff had the confidence that his knee was ready to perform with only minimum strapping in Tamworth and the rise in form shows that Moses felt similarly. Onwards and upwards.

I’m predicting he’ll go missing again. More rocks than diamonds

Hopefully last week was the turning point as a firing Mbye makes us much more dynamic in attack.

Having hardly any strapping on the knee against the Titans is very positive.

IF we lose this match…

Every SIngle hater will make a speedy return

He played well last game …We will need him at his best this weekend as we will every member of the 17

@TheDaBoss said in Mbye:

IF we lose this match…

Every SIngle hater will make a speedy return

Lips clenched between their teeth but ready to release a tirade at a moment’s notice and for some, likely during a live game thread.

Last game was a massive improvement from the garbage that had been on display. That is the baseline performance that he should be aiming for

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