Player development not cash that keeps Roosters on top?

  • And Moses, Tedesco and Woods were developed in house Gus, didn’t mean we could afford to keep them once they were established let alone add a few million dollar buys into the mix as well.

  • This sort of story is usually followed up a week or so later by a massive Roosters signing.

    Watch this space!

  • Stupid article from Gould. Firstly, most punters complain not that Roosters only ever poach players, but that Roosters can magically keep hugely talented juniors whilst also signing elite players from other clubs. Every other club either does one or the other, they either poach talent at the expense of some current retention, or they let juniors go to keep elite talent - e.g. Newcastle and Cowboys and Ponga.

    Gould also seems to confuse debuting a player with always being able to claim their development. Some junior talent is unrecognised or underutilised at a club, other junior talent is recognised but poached.

    It’s dandy that 10/17 players in last year’s premiership debuted for Roosters, but you take out the players that didn’t debut there - Cronk, Tedesco, Keary, JWH, Taukeiaho, Ferguson, (Tetevano) - and they don’t win the GF.

    Also Gus doesn’t realise that many teams would have 10 or so local debutants in their starting side.

    It would be like a soccer team signing Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and Mane and then adding in 7 locals to claim that their team “is mostly home-grown”.

  • Gould is very smart, no question there. But he is completely biased. Everything he ever does football-wise is to serve his own personal agenda.

    He can’t even commentate without without bias.

    The rubbish he spurts isn’t worth a grain of salt, but unfortunately, not everybody knows that.

  • @supercoach said in Player development not cash that keeps Roosters on top?:

    Till the NRL actually put the Chooks salary cap books on the table and all other clubs books on the table there is going to be massive question marks. It’s not rocket science, put a conservative value on their squad, take off some for tpa’s and it is impossible to get under the cap.
    I just get sick of the line…they are the benchmark, and they are what all other clubs should be trying to achieve.

    Ian Schuey is their answer… everything above board as they say lol

  • Haven’t laughed so hard in a while

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