Mbye is the worst fullback in the competition

He was good last night. And by good, I say just good, not amazing. Was great to see him put his body on the line a bit defensively.

@WeHaveCheeKam I agree. I was scathing aftervthe roosters game. Last night was the standard we should expect. Good effort.

Gutho could take this title after his game tonight.

@Tweed_Tiger said in Mbye is the worst fullback in the competition:

Gutho could take this title after his game tonight.

He’s had a few games like that over the last few weeks and in his bad games I’ve noticed him doing a lot of whining to the refs. He needs to grow up and get the shoulder-slumping and excuse-making out of his game and get on with his job. Mentally fragile and not worth his requested $700K per season at the moment. The Melbourne fullback depth looks much better value for money for a team shopping for a fullback at the moment…

Yeah im happy to revisit it. Obviously there was an issue or Madge wouldn’t have said Mbye had been challenged around his game. I’ll always call a spade a spade and i’m happy to say he was much better in the physical aspect of the game which to me is his most worrying trait. One swallow doesn’t make a summer though, so it will take much more than 1 good game every 9 to satisfy me. Especially for a guy on around 700k a year.

Mbye pounces into selection frame for injury-hit Maroons
Tony Webeck
NRL.com reporter
Sat 11 May 2019, 01:01 PM

As the state of Queensland desperately searches for fit footballers for Origin I, forgotten man Moses Mbye issued a timely reminder of his worth in Wests Tigers’ disposal of Penrith on Friday night.

The Tigers captain backed up to finish off the work done by Luke Brooks and Ryan Matterson to score the first of his team’s six tries in the 30-4 win, but it was his desperation in defence in the second half that drew highest praise from his coach.

With Maroons selectors monitoring the ankle injury to Daly Cherry-Evans and fans praying for a Cameron Smith about-face, Mbye thrust his name forward as a potential solution to the utility position on the interchange bench.

Equipped to play fullback, in the halves or at hooker, Mbye provides the versatility Queensland coach Kevin Walters will be looking to implement into his team.

Described as “a natural leader” by Walters four years ago, Mbye was a member of the Queensland Emerging Origin squad in 2016 and 2017 but told NRL.com that he didn’t consider himself the forgotten man of the Maroons’ injury crisis.

“Not at all. Origin is a reward and a privilege and comes off the back of quality form at your club,” Mbye said.

Match Highlights: Wests Tigers v Panthers

Match Highlights: Wests Tigers v Panthers
"For me it’s about concentrating on my form here at the Tigers and leading this team to get as many wins as we can.

"Those sorts of things are a reward and they come off the back of the form that you show at your club.

“I’m just going to concentrate on performing well here at club land for the Tigers and hopefully string some wins together.”

While he picked up the opening try and very nearly had a second to start the second half, it was two separate try-saving tackles on Penrith winger Josh Mansour that most pleased Tigers coach Michael Maguire.

The first was a classical cover-defending tackle on a runaway Mansour that took the Panthers speedster over the sideline and the second a full-body commitment to crash into Mansour and jolt the ball free in the corner.

Maguire explained in the post-match press conference that Mbye had been challenged personally in recent weeks, the skipper happy he was able to help sniff out any sense of a Penrith comeback.

"Over the last couple of weeks when I’ve been presented moments like one-on-one tackles and things like that I haven’t executed as good as I know I can,” Mbye explained.

"Me and ‘Madge’ [Maguire] obviously work very closely and that was something that we really wanted to focus on, competing hard and getting myself in those positions to make the plays.

"It was good to be able to make that play at that certain time and now it’s about being consistent with it. That’s what we’re required to do.”

Where could Magic Round be held in future?

Where could Magic Round be held in future?
Due to face Melbourne in Melbourne next Thursday, the task of recording back-to-back wins for the first time since round two is a challenging one for the Wests Tigers but one Mbye says they must be able to meet if they hope to play finals football in 2019.

"There’s certainly some inconsistency around our performances and is something that we have spoken about,” said Mbye, who ran for 122 metres and had four tackle breaks against the Panthers.

"In terms of the mental capacity of our team, a big part of it comes down to our leadership.

"To have Benji in the camp and back out on the field with us is a big bonus for us. That’s the benefit you get from having players with experience and leadership qualities in your side.

"It’s something that we definitely have to address because we can’t be going win-loss-win-loss throughout the whole year.”

NSW have so many good options for origin.

Poor QLD - talking up Reed Mahoney & Mbye as possible starters.
The cupboard is empty.

This post is deleted!

Mbye was a bad buy and a bad choice. I hated him.
Though I have to admit his form against Penrith was great.

Defense, he can read the plays and gets into the right position. He just can’t stop the play. he interferes, but does not stop the try. I was worried he would not even read the plays, but he seems to get what is happening just not able to prevent it. This could be worked on.

Ball handling: Yes this is a worry. It’s not as bad as say Bryce Gibbs in his day but still a worry.

Attack: I am coming around to liking his attack. He is clearly a halfback playing fullback seeing an opening and pushing a player through, the exact opposite to Tedesco. As a WT fan I love unconventional plays and starting to like this.

Overall I was worried Mbye was a 350K player on a 750K contract from Canterbury with them paying a 250k rider. Now he actually seems to be earning some of his paycheck. He is NOT in the top 8 of fullbacks, but maybe now getting into the top 12.

I honestly hope the Moron’s (sorry QLD) pick him on the bench or at Fullback. Being in that setting will improve his game no end.

I honestly still think some of you miss the point. It’s not just that Mbye is good half the weeks and bad half the weeks - does the team provide a platform to allow him to play at his best every week?

E.g. Mbye does not drop a couple of tough bombs if we stop Roosters putting up 100 tough bombs.

The real question is - if Tigers are consistently playing well, does Mbye then play well? Are Mbye’s “good matches” this year a result of the team allowing him to play well.

It’s meaningless for Tigers if Mbye plays well every week but the rest of the side does not keep that up. It’s like vintage Robbie Farah, where around 2008 he was absolutely fantastic every single week, but that didn’t matter when the rest of the team wasn’t there with him.

What we need to do first is stop focusing on Mbye or Brooks or one specific other dude and instead focus on the entire team playing to 80%+ of ability every week, developing performances week on week.

THEN you judge the real capability of your most important players in the most important positions.

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