@Honkylips A club will not be relocated that is why the Nrl say with conviction that no club will be relocated . A new club will be formed in Perth from scratch…, what needs to remember is joining the next franchise deal is by invitation only and the NRL will make that decision on who will be invited.

@gallagher said in Relocation?:

Who would be running the club? Wests? From Ashfield?

yea that wouldn’t happen - but who knows WA may be open to selling the club for the right price.

@Geo Fair points. There’s no guarantee we would be successful with a move. We could suck in Perth too.
I think the time’s right and our brand fits.
I don’t have all the answers, I just want our club to have the best advantages that other clubs are afforded.

The idea of a ‘fresh start’ is overrated. What would it really achieve? And what evidence is there to say it would put us in a better position than we are now?
Last year we were one of only a few profitable clubs in the NRL. We have one of the highest membership numbers. We also have brand new Centre of Excellence coming next year.
Anybody suggesting we relocate has no idea.

@Sabre I don’t think anyone suggesting a relocation has “No idea”
As a club we should be open to all possible outcomes and explore ways to increase our revenue. We are a business and on that level it may be an option, but I haven’t got any factual data to support this.
Brisbane has been a successful team and last year had a 59 million gain in operation turnover. Our minimal profit was depleted due to fines relating to the salary cap issue. That’s not saying we will be a massive financial success with the move but it might put us in a better stead.
The centre of excellence is waiting on future political outcomes? I never thought it was 100% across the line yet.

last edited by Pyjamaztehboss

@Pyjamaztehboss The future election you refer to is in 13 days, so its not like we are waiting years to find out!

@cochise said in Relocation?:

@Russell The way I support the team would change drastically, any and all financial support would cease, my membership would be gone, my merch $ would be gone, my foxtel would be gone, my promotion and support of the club and game would be gone. I would probably still watch the Tigers fta games, but I would never attend another game though, the game would no longer be a priority in my life.

Nothing about relocation would fix our position. The NRL needs a new CEO that has balls and is not compromised with other clubs. Someone who can genuinely level the playing field, maybe Marina Go.

A good mate of mine, in fact the best man at my wedding, recently visited. I haven’t seen him in eleven years. I was going to watch the Tigers/Panthers game and asked him to stay and watch. He declined. He told me he used to watch every game he could but never watches anymore. “It’s all about money now.” “Whoever can buy the best players wins, simple as that.”
He’s not wrong. We all know it.
The sooner the NRL reduces the comp to three teams the better.

@cochise hopefully it gets approved then.

@Pyjamaztehboss I’ll also state it is only the final $5m in a $50m development that we are waiting to find out about.


Wests Bathurst Tigers has a bit of a buzz about it.

If you want to be fair dinkum about the possibility of a successful relocation dont bring it up after a bad loss against the best team in the competition.
There is never any talk of it when we have a good win, or any win for that matter, and when the club is in the best position it has been in off the field for years - which is key to any success - this discussion reeks of knee j**k reaction in my humble opinion.

@bathursttiger only 90 minutes from my place, takes only slightly less time to get to Leichhardt.

@DieHarder This topic must have been thrashed to death a million times. All another one does is clog up the system


Don’t look at me mate. Didn’t start the topic, however it’s a topic in the NRL atm and i’d say based on comments in here most of us are aligned in the way we ‘feel’ about this matter. Unfortunately with a game that’s going out the door backwards and a spineless board it will not be up to U - or me. May as well look at the facts and results as shown above because with the salary cap sentence and that we don’t have our chief smart operator back at the helm we’re in deep trouble whether you like it or not. Manly have incredibly powerful supporter backing as in corporate dollars and affluent third party individuals involved in their business. So do the Sharks (as evidenced by recent lack of punishments) and they are both going to end up ahead of us on the ladder most likely this year and next year; 2020, a supposed year according to Marina Go in which we would be a powerhouse club turning a huge profit and retaining our local juniors through catchment area… to me it looks like just the opposite is going on. Not sure why & it displeases me also.

Fairly sure nrl would have to go broke or seek legal aid before there’s any chance of relocation/another club coming in. Would almost be business suicide ATM and we’re all of us in this situation and debate together regardless of how much people may feel it’s a flogged horse

Ps didn’t take any offence at your post just wanted to offer the flip side of the coin. Cheers.

My say on this subject is this …if it happens it is hard to argue (when you take off the tangerine , white and black sunnies ) that we will be the team that is discussed the most to be moved

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