Realistic effect of coaching changes

@bigsiro said in Realistic effect of coaching changes:

Bulldogs just dropped 3 players.
Broncos dropped 2 stars.
Neither teams have apt replacements.
Yet the thought of Tigers dropping 3 regularly underperforming players gets met with lame excuses.
That’s what it is. Excuses.

ET, Packer, Reynolds and Noffa in reserves. Does any of this register at all?

If you’re just trying to dance around saying you want Brooks dropped, just say it, instead of sprouting nonsense.

@bigsiro said in Realistic effect of coaching changes:

Lewis, Holland Martin all dumped by Pay.

I love how Broncos drop one the leagues best kickers due to playing form (which isn’t even THAT bad) but our fans want to keep Marsters in because he is our kicker (despite being a crap kicker who is in terrible form).

Choice supportive bias is rife here. People would rather continue with the incumbent and lose games horribly rather than admit they made an error of judgement and that change IS needed.

Surely the coach Maguire can see this then…we don’t pick the team…he does…?

I reckon I’ve said that enough, certainly not dancing around it. Just decided not to harp on about Brooks again here.
(You’re welcome)😇
It is more re Marsters. Are you also defending his selection?
I really want us to start winning again, so based purely on form, I don’t agree with dropping Reynolds when he has certainly been no worse that Brooks. But I dare not raise that…
I just think that accountability should be for all players. Don’t you?

@bigsiro said in Realistic effect of coaching changes:

But Marsters, please! He HAS to be dropped. Ability to make a break? Really? He has scored one try all season, which is also the time he made his one and only line break; 5 metres out from the line. He may have the ability, but he is horribly out of any first grade form. His kicking is completely unreliable and no better than Benji’s.

It’s pretty hard to defend Marsters. My only counter argument is do we have anyone better ? I can’t defend his efforts this season and his role is a pretty simple one. Run it hard. Make your tackles. Don’t make dumb mistakes. He is failing at all of these roles. His ball security is poor. His defence is terrible.

He is the guy in our backline who might actually make a bust but there is no doubt that he must be close to being labelled a reserve grade player.

Absolutely. And this forum is about fans discussing, commenting and questioning on those selections - amongst other things. Long may it continue!

@Geo - don’t you ever question team selection?

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