IF Tigers were to relocate to WA, would you still support them or would you change team? If so, what team?

Become a casual follower of the NRL and no longer a ticketed member x 4, and member x 8.

i definitely would no be a member, and would not support any other team

If it became all about promoting them in their new location, where ever that may be, at the expense of where they originated from, my connection with the club would dwindle very quickly. You lose interest in your old fans they will lose interest in you.
Sydney Swans are a good example - its all about Sydney now.

Sorry I won’t even consider the IF, Wests Tigers have already done their part for the league, two fan bases were merged and have fought to unite as one mighty West’s Tigers. Look elsewhere NRL maybe that wealthy club over there.

The next step after relocation to Perth would be extinction. I’ll take my now happily unified club in Sydney, were we belong thanks.

i think i would still have a passing interest but i agree we have already merged. Kick out manly or cronulla

After 69 years of following Balmain and then Wests Tigers - I could not follow them if the relocated or became another team etc.

As was said - it may not count but we have already merged and done our bit to reduce teams in Sydney.

Now it is Souffs and Rorters or Eela and Pamfers turn to merge or maybe relocate Manly, Sharks and Canterbury to somewhere else.

Hopefully it won’t happen to the Tigers.

I would, unless they Bring Back the Bears, and then I’d have to go Norths over a Perth Tigers outfit

@Tigerstruck Kick Manly and Sharks out and bring back the Bears! One can only dream…

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As a Magpie fan since I was 10, I tried following Parra back in the dark days before the merger to see if I could feel good about winning. The Eels weren’t winning either but I just couldn’t do it. I was always looking for some sort of good news on the Maggies in the paper and I was miserable. I guess I’m pretty welded on to this team regardless of how they perform. We all feel the ups and downs as much as the team does. Have you ever tried to follow another team? I’d stick with them I’m pretty certain.

I suppose the big difference between me and most fans is I don’t have direct access not living in Sydney

I can understand other fans opinions when you’d miss watching the live every 2nd week

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