3 2 1 v Penrith Round 9

3 Brooks
2 Matterson
1 Twal

Honourable Mentions Marshall Farah Matulino McQueen Mbye Thompson Eisenhuth Marsters Mikaele Chee-Kam Jennings Liddle Clark Fonua

Nughty Cnr…happy be banging on how Wests Tigers win when he goes…

3 Matterson
2 Marshall
1 Twal

@Geo you should pay me to go to every game …you’d get your undefeated season then

Until I watch replay

Matters on



  1. Matterson 2. Mbye 1. Brooks/lino
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3 matterson
2 Twal
1 Benji

3 - Benji
2 - Matulino (Huge game and what we need week in week out)
1- Brooks (both halves played with composure but also helped that our forwards won the ruck)

Mbye, Matterson, Farah and Twal had great games also.

Seems like at least a couple of pages have gone missing @Geo, should I/we vote again?

Yes please…posts lost from about 8:30 till 9:30pm Sydney time

I’ll second that.
3 - Marshall
2 - Matulino
1- Brooks
Farah not far behind

The site kept going offline last night, probably the reason why

Looks like my post from last night has disappeared. My points are:

3 Brooks
2 Matterson
1 Marshall

3 Benji
2 Matulino
1 Twal

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