@Cultured_Bogan I’d do away with the desktop/tablet. Everything is streamed these days. Stream it on a laptop and connect it to a TV via HDMI when you want a bigger screen.

@upthetigers Chromecast is your friend for streaming services!

@cochise I guess it depends on your needs. I also like playing games and a tablet doesn’t suffice.

@upthetigers Can use chromecast to stream from your laptop to tv aswell. Just much easier than having to have HDMI set up for laptop.

@cochise Does chromecast ever stop working once connected?

I use it. It’s pretty good.

@upthetigers Only problems I’ve ever had have been network related and not Chromecast related.

First thing I noticed is no surround sound. 😞

@jirskyr I noticed last night while watching, when I paused it there was a button for “Key Moments”, if you hit that it should show / hide the spoilers.

This was on Android TV Kayo app, so not sure if it’s there on other platforms.

If anyone has a beteasy account. You should have an email with an offer of 3 months free of Kayo.

@TheDaBoss said in Kayo:

Love kayo

Yep. Well worth the outlay to avoid the garbage cost I was paying for Foxtel.

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