How do we watch WestsTigers?

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    Every week I say, “gee I’d love us to win a game comfortably so I can relax and enjoy the game.” We’ll friday proved that’s never going to happen . We were 20 points clear ALL GAME but I was still as nervous as hell up until the last few minutes.

    So, how do you watch our team?

    At the game I’m caught up in the emotion - refs are against us, they are getting all the 50/50!s etc but I’m less nervous. At home I can’t sit still. I’m on the couch, I’m pacing the hallway, I’m standing behind the couch, I’m yelling.

    Yep, this is me to a T. We all joke that following the Tigers will age you beyond your years. Its real.
    I use a heart rate monitor (Fitbit) and often my heart rate will climb into the red on game day!
    Maybe the club can offer a therapeutic membership package; massage and beer after the game.

    I should check my fitbit heart rate next game haha.

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