How do we watch WestsTigers?

That’s why I love the tigers.

I am considering buying a defib for when I watch games at home, we can be up 20 points and still go “who is going to win this”. likewise we can be down 12 and still have a chance.

One of the best games I watched was us vs Brisbane 0-18. It did not tell the tale of us running the ball to Brisbane’s try line and almost getting over, then Brisbane running to ours and just getting over each time.

I think every fan struggles with mid-tier teams - all have the same criticisms of being unreliable. But extra so for Tigers fans because it’s such a long time since we featured in the finals.

Maybe only Roosters / Storm / Souths fans have any right to be confident before a match in 2019.

@Tiger_Steve From 20-0, i was calm as…Our completions at that point was 17/17 and Panthers was like 9/14…what more can you ask for?

@IWasBornATiger you’re better than me. I am waiting always for the capitulation!

@rustycage AGREED. Who are these nutcases

the team faces consecutive defeats over the next fortnight,but hope springs eternal of course.
I don’t want to see 40 or 50 point scorelines against us nor do i want to see tigers players chatting to opposition
players at the end of the game.
just get off the ground and have a chat somewhere else.


I give us a chance v Melbourne

Souths will be tough

The best way to watch Wests Tigers is with a glass of champagne on the right hand and a glass of flat beer on the left hand.

Butterflies pre-game and unable to sit still. Smug like a Cheshire Cat after a win and I work my way through the seven stages of grief when we lose. In fact don’t talk to me if we lose… I need space.

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liddle/farah v cook, cant wait!

@BalmainJnr seven stages of grief - love it😂

My kids approach me and ask if they can go to parties after a win!!

@Tiger_Steve said in How do we watch WestsTigers?:

@BalmainJnr seven stages of grief - love it😂

My kids approach me and ask if they can go to parties after a win!!

You want to hope we win more games or those kids will hold a burning resentment against you for the rest of your life.I hope they have already have that magic/tragic WT passion we all have

Red Cordial…straight…no mixers…

@Tiger_Steve said in How do we watch WestsTigers?:

Every week I say, “gee I’d love us to win a game comfortably so I can relax and enjoy the game.” We’ll friday proved that’s never going to happen . We were 20 points clear ALL GAME but I was still as nervous as hell up until the last few minutes.

So, how do you watch our team?

At the game I’m caught up in the emotion - refs are against us, they are getting all the 50/50!s etc but I’m less nervous. At home I can’t sit still. I’m on the couch, I’m pacing the hallway, I’m standing behind the couch, I’m yelling.

Yep, this is me to a T. We all joke that following the Tigers will age you beyond your years. Its real.
I use a heart rate monitor (Fitbit) and often my heart rate will climb into the red on game day!
Maybe the club can offer a therapeutic membership package; massage and beer after the game.

@BalmainJnr said in How do we watch WestsTigers?:

In fact don’t talk to me if we lose… I need space.

I’m normally fine post match, particularly so when attending the game, where generally I also act reasonably composed. Yet sitting in front of the box at home, different story altogether.

If we are winning, fine, all good, but if we are losing or travelling poorly, I need plenty of space.

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