South Sydney cruise to big win over Wests Tigers

  • South Sydney cruise to big win over Wests Tigers
    Caitlyn Grant
    Sat 11 May 2019, 12:00 PM

    South Sydney cruise to big win over Wests Tigers
    Caitlyn Grant
    Sat 11 May 2019, 12:00 PM
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    Wests Tigers Jersey Flegg side have come off second best to a top-four South Sydney team on Saturday morning with the Rabbitohs recording a dominant 58-18 win at Leichhardt Oval.

    Trailing 24-12 at half time, Lucas Castle’s try in the opening five minutes of the second half showed a glimmer of hope for Wests Tigers to bounce back, but the Rabbitohs’ discipline in attack and defence proved too strong in the end — running away with the score late on with a flurry of late points.

    In a losing side, Zac Cini showed promise in the fullback position following his switch from the centres, but a 59% completion rate on the day made it far too tough for Wests Tigers, who now sit in 10th position with the bye next weekend.

    South Sydney would score a total of 10 tries during the game — including a hat-trick to Kane Allan — but it wasn’t all straightforward early on as tries to Cini and Senn Kane kept Wests Tigers within striking distance of their opponents.

    When Castle opened the scoring after half-time there was a chance for the visitors to hit back in the contest, but the home side were far too good — Blake Taafe controlling the contest to finish with 18 points as Allan rounded off his hat-trick.

    South Sydney Rabbitohs 58 (Allan 3, Mamouzelos 2, Taaffe, Cook, Stowers, Rodwell, Fasca tries; Taaffe 7/8, Ilias 2/2 goals) def. Wests Tigers 18 (Cini, Kane, Castle tries; Stevanovic 3/3 goals)

  • Not surprising given nearly all their best players weren’t playing.

  • @TheDaBoss hope the rumour I’m hearing about the chooks chasing Dillon is incorrect, thought it was a joke when someone told me yesterday, hope we don’t lose the kid looks very promising with real speed.

  • @fred Unfortunately if the Roosters want a player they generally get them.

  • @Tweed_Tiger Esp from Rabbitohs?

  • @fred said in South Sydney cruise to big win over Wests Tigers:

    @TheDaBoss hope the rumour I’m hearing about the chooks chasing Dillon is incorrect, thought it was a joke when someone told me yesterday, hope we don’t lose the kid looks very promising with real speed.

    Why would a young fullback sign with the club that has Teddy signed up for the next decade? He’s already stated he doesn’t want to play wing. We’ll see how he develops as he’s still quite small.

  • @Balmain_Boy that’s what I was told on Sunday at Leichhardt, apparently chooks had a dip at him before he signed with us, and they still want him apparently, I know he isn’t very big but I’ve seen 4 of our under 20’s games live this year and take out Talau and Bradley who are in reserves, he is our best attacking prospect, don’t think he’s signed past this year or those development contracts either , could be garbage but it came from an under 20’s player, who knows?

  • @fred I’m pretty sure you’ll find it’s not accurate at all. As for best attacking player, Cini would have to be right up there although it’s a bit hard to tell as the the ball very rarely gets past the centre of the ruck.

    Yes our defence has been poor but our attack and players’ ability to play what’s in front of them needs some work. I certainly don’t think the coach would be ignoring it. He has a good track record and the experience which makes me question whether the players are thinking about what they are doing or have the right mindset.

    Generally the play seems to be to hit it up one out on tackles 1-4 with the half or 5/8 predictably passing it back on the inside to a forward who tucks it under the arm and almost never looks to pass. Even if the player were to make a break, nobody will bother to follow because they know they probably won’t get it. This also means the defence has to commit less players to the tackle.

    Then on the 5th tackle we might pass it out the back but then we let the ball die after one or two passes. Also, I can’t remember a player running to the line with the ball in 2 hands this season to create opportunities. If they have it would be very rare.

    The odd time we have had the overlap even on tackles 4 & 5, there has been no vision to use the extra men and so we just do the same old same old and the defence regroups. I haven’t seen a cut out pass when the situation presents itself let alone a simple catch, draw and pass except when Tommy Talau was there. We certainly miss his offloading ability down the right hand side.

    Just occasionally why can’t we send it wide on the 5th or 6th tackle with their wingers back even if it were to just put some doubt in their minds? Dillon and Cini have the pace to set the others up.

    I do have faith we will improve in these areas as the season progresses. Unfortunately as they say “If nothing changes, nothing changes”.

    The season is slipping away so I hope the players develop and learn some of these skills. I’d rather see these young blokes have a go attacking even if it means dropping the odd game taking a risk.

  • @Tiggerman some good points you make and I agree with a few of them, I’ve said before the better players don’t handle the ball anywhere near enough, and when they need to shift the ball we run another hit up and it’s too late, doesn’t help that we have forwards that can’t win a play the ball , both in attack and defence, body positioning at contact is poor and I don’t care what anybody says we are not fit in the forwards, nowhere near where we need to be, especially because we are very limited with ability in the forwards. As I said I’ve been to 4 games live this year,and seen all our other games courtesy of a friend in back room staff at nsw rl who gives me our games in full, and Cini is elusive and hard to handle but Dillon imo is our best attacking player, hope it is bullshit what I was told

  • @Tiggerman we won’t know how good Dillon cini scolari wilson are until they play behind a good pack of forwards our forwards get dominated all the time which makes it hard we will be doing well if we scrape into the eight does any body know if any of the sgball forwards can make the step up

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