How often do you watch NRL?

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    @trentrunciman said in How often do you watch NRL?:

    Continually losing junior talent to bigger and more successful clubs was really one of the last straws for me…

    Like I said before if the NRL bothered to implement a draft system of sorts we wouldn’t lose talent like Paperhazen for nothing. You could trade your assets for more assets you need in key positions…I always renewed membership and was stoked seeing teddy, Moses, paperhazen, ado Carr (saw him a lot at the sharks playing fullback) etc come through only to lose them and get nothing in return…things don’t look like abating either.

    I know hey…what were the Sharkies thinking…

    I saw them run around @leichhardt oval for the final few years back. reminded me of watching young moses lead balmain around 6-8 years before that when we killed a young milf & brenko

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