Us vs the Storm **live game thread**

  • Look we have had absolute muppetts like Jason Taylor, an uncommitted Ivan Cleary, Dead man walking Mick Potter as our coach for however long now.

    Maguire better work it out very soon. Guys Like Mahe Fonua are not the guys you rely on to win games.

    We recruited a guy from the Roosters who can handle pressure.

    Tonights loss is on the coach. holding back Mikaele and not playing Liddle is one thing, supporting a flog like Fonua is another.

    Your fault Maguire. Fix it!

  • @upthetigers said in Us vs the Storm **live game thread**:

    @hobbo1 Thought playing on was the right play. We were leading by 8 and had them under the pump.

    We needed to kill more time
    They were shagged out …

  • Good game. One of our best performances all year.

    The only difference was the quality of the fullbacks.

  • Brooks needed to kick for touch more often imo
    Too many bombs straight down there throats .

  • @formerguest Always take the kick especially when you are in front get the ball back… get 2 points and get a rest run the cloak down … game management simple .

  • @BalmainJnr said in Us vs the Storm **live game thread**:

    That no call on the NAS canon ball late in the set on their line was a shocker.

    2 points and a minute or two of time.

  • @TIGER said in Us vs the Storm **live game thread**:

    @Spud_Murphy said in Us vs the Storm **live game thread**:

    Heartbreaking loss for sure, especially when we were the better team all night, but very proud of the boys for that effort. Matching it with one of the benchmark teams at their home ground for all but 2 minutes is worth a wrap.

    We don’t seem to have trouble against the Storm, it’s the rubbish teams we struggle against

    Yes true, if we can just rectify that we would go a long way to playing finals football.

    Never like losing a game, but I feel a whole lot better after that loss than the one against Penrith - Penrith are crap, Melbourne aren’t.

  • Can we get ourselves up again next week after that?
    I doubt it.

    What hurts is the Storm aren’t at their best yet still win, we probably played our best game of the year and we lose.

  • @TIGER lol forgot we had south Sydney next week… oh well there goes another one.

  • Big performance! Storm at home are tough.
    We need to keep that level up all year. That’s how you challenge. We won’t win every game but will beat most. Unlucky in the end but we had opportunities to put that away.

    We need a game breaker in the backs seriously lacking pace and a threat out wide.

  • they are the second best team in the comp and one of the comps powerhouses. Thats an awesome effort from our boys.

  • @The_Patriot
    Agree with your first statement but I think Fonua played well tonight

  • How the he’ll did we lose that, Brooks needs to get his game management right his kick before Chambers try put them on the front foot. I’m still scratching my head in disbelief lucky to still have a tv functioning.

  • @Snake said in Us vs the Storm **live game thread**:

    @formerguest This is the only criticism I have Farah was shot and Liddle would of made a difference with a fatigued defence maybe Madge can answer that one.

    That pass to matterson was diabolical.

  • @The_Patriot You can’t be serious. You’re blaming Maguire when his structure and coaching was the only reason we were even in the game. Compare the bloody quality of players on paper and you would expect a blowout. He’s got us playing some of the best footy in a long time with some structure and cohesiveness… All that this team needs is to learn to stop dozing off in short periods which have cost us twice now.

    You’ve been blaming Fonua ever since they blew that full time whistle, but other than that last missed tackle (which really wasn’t all that costly, because the other 5 blokes who attempted the tackles after still missed) but I can’t think of any other mistake of his today. He was good. You also complain about Madge holding back Mikaele and Liddle in the dying moments. Think about that for a second. We’re holding on to a lead, do you really want to bring Mikaele (who - for all his good traits - is still well inexperienced, clumsy with the ball and ill disciplined at times) and Liddle (Farah’s much more composed and reliable) on??? You’re just complaining for the sake of complaining. That was our best performance all year…

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