3 2 1 V Storm

3 Eisenhuth
2 Aloiai
1 Brooks

Honourable Mentions Matulino, Twal, Marshall, Farah. Matterson, Fonua, Thompson, Marshall, Marsters, Mikaele, Jennings, Mbye Chee-Kam, Liddle…

Naughty Cnr… 78th minute booooooooo…

3- Aloai
2- Mahe
1- Brooksie

yet another match where mr ref is…



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3 - brooks
2 - mahe
1 - eisenhuth

3 - Brooks
2 - Eisenhuth
1 - Matulino

Honourable mention to Marshall

3… Benji
2… Aloiai
1… Thompson

How in the world does Brooks gets points? He stands by and watches them pluck a kick out of the air for one try and misses Papenhauzen (with two others) for another.

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3 Thompson
2 Eisenhuth
1 Farah

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3 Farah
2 Aloiai
1 Huth

3 Eiso
2 Farah
1 Brooks

3 Eisenhuth
2 Twal
1 Brooks

Thought Benji was very good this week but it’s so hard to pick the rest it was a team effort.

3 Eiso
2 Matulino
1 Brooks

Aloiai unlucky and Farah good until tiring late.

3 Twal
2 Huth
1 Liddle - needed to come on with 30 to go.

Hnr mentions Marshall, Matterson Aloiai
Naughty Chee, McQueen and whoever else misses key tackles on Paps toward the end of the game and in first half. MBye poor

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