• @momo_amp_medo said in MBYE:

    @simonthetiger said in MBYE:

    Im sorry but this bloke just doesn’t cut it.

    Crucial errors every game that really cost us. Last night he murdered a try by ignoring a clear overlap, did his Darius Boyd impersonation to let in the match winning try and where the hell was he when the bomb went up for that soft try??

    His positioning is dead set awful and costing us, the difference between the fullbacks last night was like chalk and cheese.

    And tell me Corey Thompson wouldnt go better, at least he puts his body on the line and gets in position.

    Nofa back on the wing, Thompson FB and Mbye 14 and im happy.

    Looks like he is cutting it with some well placed expert selectors.

    His value to QLD is that he can play anywhere in the backline or hooker. He isn’t great at any of them though. If he was our number 14 he probably wouldn’t cop so much flack but he is on good money as a starting fullback.

  • @Bones said in MBYE:

    … but he is on good money as a starting fullback.

    Possibly, but how much freight are the Dogs paying ? He could still be a good value for money proposition for us.

  • @WeHaveCheeKam said in MBYE:

    @Strongee said in MBYE:

    @Furious1 we are paying like 450 for him , the dogs are picking up the rest . If the average NRL wage is 305k . Are you saying he is not worth 145k above median ? Of course he is .
    Here’s another 1. If teddy RTS and Boyd are on over 1mil . are you saying that it’s not good business for a , borderline origin player to be on 450k ? . Or if you allocate 3.2 mil for your spine . (That’s 800k each ) that it’s also not good business to have him on 450k.
    None of you haters are thinking about this logically

    Can we please stop referring to Mbye as a borderline origin player.

    I agree.
    He’s not borderline anymore.
    Rip in Moses!

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