NRL Round 10 *Spoilers

ponga lmao./… tearing into the dragons

get rekt dragons HAAAAAAAAAAAA

dragons need norman back badly

Nice touch Sharks…Fifitas banner with an image of him in a WTs jumper

Kleins error will play a big part here…6 points to manly

Annoys me no end

Kleins a garbage ref…two errors from him lead to two manly tries

last edited by innsaneink

when u think u tipepd knights… but u actually tipped dragons…

Didn’t get to watch many of the other games this week but just curious where all have Slimey’s fans have gone…hadn’t noticed much last few weeks guess Pawra will have a win this week so they’ll be back saying what a great game manager he is and a winner…

This weeks game is Gold tho …best of both worlds… Parwa win it’s lol at Pamfers …Pamfers jag a win it’s lol at Slimey…all in all it’s a win/win for Wests Tigers fans…

@Geo he will never pull a team out of the proverbial by himself. He’s the player that ices the cake when everyone else does their job.

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