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    Griffin must be loving this - feet up, living off the payout and having to do nothing but watch this trainwreck in motion. Gus was the one who started this - he set the dominos up and pushed the first one over and man haven’t they fallen beautifully.

    I reckon that he is most enjoying the text messages that he is getting from some of the squad.

  • I’ve heard some sympathising with Cleary. I won’t be happy till he flees a presser with tears in his eyes.

  • To think Ivan is costing them $20k per week for the next five years, whilst supporting our coach this year, only makes me smile.
    I wasn’t upset that he left, rather the manner he and Gus went about it.
    Nathan looks a shell of the player with potential that he showed last year and is also costing them $20k per week. The playing squad looks to be not interested in Ivans coaching methods and where he helped our defence last year he has destroyed theirs. No attack either.

    I love watching his press conferences as I am waiting to see him cry…looking tired already

    Officially last after the dogs result today for a side that was touted as a Premiership contender.

  • NRL has revealed contract tenures for players on their website. Not good news for Penrith. Not a lot of clear air in coming years. Including this year, Cleary and RCG have 6 years to run, Blake 5 years, Fisher-Harris, Kikau, Leota , Whare 4 years, Mansour, Yeo, Egan 3 years

    Via Brent Read

  • @WT2K Jinkies. There’s a reason clubs are hesitant to sign for more than 3 years. A lot can happen in 6 years of rugby league.

  • It’s gonna be embarrassing for the team that eventually loses to them next. Parra this week I hope🙏

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