How do we beat the Rabs?

How do we beat the Rabbitohs

By devising a gameplan that will result in us outplaying them and scoring more points. If we do that, I think we win.

Score more points than them even 2-0 with do it…

Utilising all four bench players would be a start.

Play like we did last week but for 80 instead of 70 minutes and we should win, never to say anyone is due a loss but souths must be close this week.

Their five games have been Raiders, Cowboys, Broncos, Panthers, Bulldogs and some games they have been scraping through.

This should be their biggest test yet as well hopefully

Gotta be strong defensively, quick line speed, good contact, busy markers, strong kick-chase & plenty of pressure on their kickers.

Raiders got a lot of off-loads away which seemed to trouble Souths, so more of the same from us. I like what we’ve been doing attack-wise the last couple of weeks, just need to ensure we make the most of all of our chances.

No reason why we can’t win this one.

They’ll be desperate!

Play wide of the ruck much like last week?
I think souths backs arent as tight defensively as storms
Good go forward first of course

Take out cook and walker early…

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