Nathan Cleary should be dropped by Penrith coach and dad Ivan, says Gorden Tallis

NSW Origin halfback Nathan Cleary should be dropped to reserve grade at Penrith, NRL legend Gorden Tallis says.
Yet in a damning spray, Tallis said that would never happen due to the fact that Cleary is coached at the Panthers by his father, Ivan.
Tallis said that Ivan Cleary should have never agreed to coach his son, a decision that has placed both of them under enormous pressure after a dismal start to the season for Penrith. The Panthers are now dead last in the NRL with a 2-8 record, having started the season as supposed premiership contenders.
Nathan Cleary is fighting to save his Blues jersey but on current form, he is tipped to be overlooked despite NSW coach Brad Fittler’s desire for loyalty and continuity.
It has been estimated that long-term deals for Nathan and Ivan Cleary represent a $10 million investment for Penrith, with the club’s board now under glaring scrutiny over the contracts.

“Dare I say it, I think his son needs a bit of time down in reserve grade to get his confidence back,” Tallis said on Triple M NRL.
"But you can’t do it. Because Nathan Cleary and Ivan are under so much pressure now. That’s what Ivan put his son under.
"Ivan’s the adult. He should never have gone there. He was coaching, he was getting money, he didn’t need to coach there.

"He could coach his son at home. My sons go and play sport, I can coach them. You can coach them at home, you can give them pointers, you can give them tips.
"Matty Johns coaches halves, Kevvy [Walters] is helping halves. They all go help halves without sitting there in the coach’s box. There’s been so many players that have been helped by so many ex-players and old coaches in the past.
“I watched Wayne Bennett do it with Ben Hunt [drop him to reserve grade]. Sometimes just going away, playing in park footy, finding the love for the game again, just going back, stripping it all back [helps].”

Tallis also blasted Penrith for its plan to release James Maloney to the Super League after this year.
Maloney has been a key Panthers player and a mentor for Cleary, his incumbent NSW halves partner, though the veteran five-eighth has also endured a miserable start to the season.
It is believed that Penrith signed Maloney, 32, to a three-year contract with the expectation that he might be released for a career-ending deal in England after this season; his second at the club.
“Are they seriously trying to get rid of their best player in James Maloney?” Tallis said.

Totally agree that Ivan should drop him and that Ivan should have never gone there.
Don’t really agree that Maloney is Penrith’s best player though.

I said it from day one that it will backfire, I tipped Penrith to miss the 8 before a ball was kicked when everyone was picking them in the top 4.
I didn’t think they’d be going this bad though.

There’s no way Cleary and Maloney get a blue jersey, if they do, jump on Qld.
Imo Maloney should never see a sky blue jumper again.

Not too sure that Nathan is the problem over there

lol …wow Tallis what a visionary…

same bloke wanted Darius and the MILF dropped 2 weeks ago…

tallis has no credibilty after the robbie encounter a few years ago just a meat head stirring the pot.
Nathan is part of yhe problem but the forwards are going like busteds and kikau is a one trick pony who is injured


Last year Grant and Malaki were in ISP for us now they are starters . Tamou is sole captain and they want get rid of Maloney

a lot of us were talking about this last year, a lot of pressure on them if they weren’t doing well and they are doing far worse than dreamed of.

Sucks to be them.

You have got to wonder how tense that household is now. No escape from it, and GordonTallis has a talent for airing his opinion at the detriment of others. I wonder how Mrs Cleary is coping with the situation now compared to how it was this time last year.
They are only a win away from turning things around, but there must be lots of soul searching going on, from all of them.

It’s a nice change of pace sitting back and enjoying watching this happen to another club. Tallis is a moron, but I agreed with everything he said up until he called Maloney their best player. On current form he should be dropped before Cleary.

last edited by Fraze23

He may be right, but this seems like a pathetic attempt by Tallis to say something controversial. Surprised he beat Blocker to it.

last edited by GNR4LIFE

Tallis telling everyone what they already knew.

Thanks, scoop.

I’m convinced the reason why Ivan is at Penrith has nothing to do with coaching his son, but maximising his son’s earning potential via his coaching contract.

Becoming more apparent by the day that Bennett would have been a far better solution for Penrith. They need a good man manager.

last edited by Cultured_Bogan

I dunno I can appreciate Tallis calling it as it is. Too many pundits just spew cliches… watching most of the guys on Foxtel, they are too afraid of upsetting anyone by criticising where it is due.

@jirskyr said in Nathan Cleary should be dropped by Penrith coach and dad Ivan, says Gorden Tallis:

I dunno I can appreciate Tallis calling it as it is. Too many pundits just spew cliches… watching most of the guys on Foxtel, they are too afraid of upsetting anyone by criticising where it is due.

I don’t care about him saying it. I’m saying that his thought process is not revolutionary, many fans agree.

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