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Wests Tigers forward Josh Aloiai and Ryan Matterson have become ambassadors for the NRL Voice Against Violence Program, which aims to assist the rugby league community to prevent violence against women and children.


Wests Tigers forwards Josh Aloiai and Ryan Matterson have been named NRL Voice Against Violence Advocates.

Wests Tigers have collaborated with the NRL in educating our U/16’s local and regional junior league clubs on domestic violence and equality.

The Voice Against Violence program is delivered to Rugby League clubs and teams across Australia, with workshops aiming to increase participants’ awareness and understanding of the serious issues surrounding gender-based violence.

The program helps educate young men around domestic violence, strategies they can implement, while also providing a conversation-starter with the Stand Up, Speak Out, Take Action message.

The program is structured in to a field session that is based around statistics of domestic violence to use rugby league as the driver to deliver key messages.

Rugby league has a powerful platform throughout its communities and a strong voice that, where possible, will support a broader message for positive social change. Players leave the session feeling a sense responsibility and empowerment to stand up, speak out and take action to contribute to the prevention of violence.

Wests Tigers are extremely proud to support the NRL Voice Against Violence program, and to unveil two outstanding young men in Josh and Ryan as advocates.

For more information on the Voice Against Violence program, click here.

It is good that the club has thrown its weight behind this program but how tragic is it that the program still has to exist.It is sad in this day and supposedly more modern outlook with equality that young men have to be reminded.

@jadtiger Its bloody unbelievable actually.

Walker coming back to his team applauding him after a DV caused hiatus sickens me. NRL doesn’t care about these things, the Women in League round, it is pathetic.

Hopefully the club can set the example, that some things are more important than winning.

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