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Ultimate leave pass: Robbie Farah to attend Champions League final
Robbie Farah has been given the ultimate leave pass - granted permission to watch his beloved English Premier League giants Liverpool take on Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League final in Spain this weekend.

Wests Tigers are enjoying the bye this weekend, which allowed the club pin-up to sneak off to the other side of the world to watch the epic showdown in Madrid.

It’s understood the only proviso for Farah is he be back for training by Monday, less than 24 hours after the showpiece match is played.

The Tigers’ next match is when they host Canberra on Friday week at Bankwest Stadium.

Farah is a Reds fanatic and took to social media to share his excitement about the once-in-a-lifetime trip.

The 35-year-old is also behind Two4Seven, a sports travel company he plans to spend more time on once he retires from the NRL.

The Tigers were prepared to grant Farah his wish because of his professionalism. The mid-season trip would also double as a mid-season freshen up.

As Farah prepared to fly out for Europe, his Tigers teammate Ryan Matterson started training with the NSW Blues after being drafted in as the 18th man.

Tigers coach Michael Maguire was hardly surprised Matterson, who won a premiership with the Sydney Roosters before he joined the joint venture, had popped up on Brad Fittler’s Blues radar.

"He’s been brilliant, he’s brought a professionalism to our organisation and it’s a reward for what he’s been doing,’’ Maguire said.

"He’ll play a major part in the Wests Tigers rising to where we want to go.

Michael Maguire has been impressed since Ryan Matterson (left) joined the club.
Michael Maguire has been impressed since Ryan Matterson (left) joined the club.Credit:AAP

"His inclusion wasn’t a surprise. He’s ready for that space. Working with a number of guys in and around Origin, he’s well suited to that arena.’’

Tigers skipper Moses Mbye was also picked in the No. 14 jumper for Queensland.

Hope he packed plenty of tissues

I say good on Robbie. Support your team. If I could jet over to watch the Tigers play a big game I would love to.

He did this before I thought too.

Just watch out that Greenberg doesn’t try to slot the plane tickets and the footy game ticket on our salary cap. I’m
sure he would if he could.

@hobbo1 said in Jetsetting Farah:

Hope he packed plenty of tissues

If not surely you can send whatever Derby County tissues you have left

Then again you’d better hang on to them …Spurs no doubt have the Squirts seeing the are facing those dirty Scousers

Not the biggest Farah fan, but good on him. We have a bye, player should be able to have a life too… I find it annoying that that afl bloke is suspended or whatever for having 3 wines at a club function 2 or 3 days before a game… I mean really?.. and they wonder why they go off the rails when the season ends…

wonder whether he is going cattle class or business class?

@eyewondertwo said in Jetsetting Farah:

wonder whether he is going cattle class or business class?

C’mon your talking about the man who can clear tall buildings in a single bound

@eyewondertwo Madge said he had to fly business class

Steven Gerrard helps Robbie Farah realise Liverpool Champions league dream
Wests Tigers legend and Liverpool tragic Robbie Farah was resigned to watching the Champions League final from his couch. That was until he received a text from his idol.
Michael Carayannis, The Daily Telegraph
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May 29, 2019 11:15am
Kev’s Origin censorship1:14

State Of Origin: Queensland coach Kevin Walters has gone to the extraordinary lengths of banning the words ‘New South Wales’ and ‘Blues’ while they prepare for Game I of the 2019 series.

The football career ruined by one swig
‘Forgotten man’ lands Socceroos lifeline
A ticket from Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard convinced Wests Tigers veteran Robbie Farah to travel halfway around the world to watch his beloved Liverpool play in the Champions League final in Spain.

Farah is a Liverpool tragic. He has their anthem “You’ll never walk alone” tattooed on his ribs. After clearing it with coach Michael Maguire and his Tigers teammates, Farah will leave Concord after training on Thursday on a trip which saw him travel from Sydney to Madrid via Singapore and London to catch Liverpool take on Tottenham in the Champions League final this weekend.

Robbie Farah with his idol Steven Gerrard at ANZ Stadium. Picture: Mark Evans
Fortuitously the Tigers have the bye this week and Maguire has given the team four days off. Farah harboured a desire to go to the game but it wasn’t until Gerrard came through with one ticket that convinced Farah he had to go.

“I’d given up on going over,” Farah said. “Last week I got a message from Steven Gerrard. He said I’ve got you a ticket. I got to know him the couple of times he has been out here.

“I messaged him when they made the finals, to see if he had any contacts for tickets because me and my brothers were keen to get over.

“He replied saying leave it with me. I never thought anything of it, thinking he’d have a million requests for tickets. Then he messaged me telling me he had one for me. I asked how much I owed him and he said nothing.

Robbie Farah is a Liverpool tragic. Picture: Gregg Porteous

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” tattooed on Robbie Farah’s ribs. Picture: Gregg Porteous
“He is my hero and someone I always looked up to.

“I spoke to Madge (Maguire). He was a little bit concerned about the travel so far but he told me to make sure I book business and follow all the recovery protocols.”

Farah will be back in Sydney on Monday and will line-up for the Tigers against Canberra on Friday night.

“It’s once in a lifetime opportunity,” Farah said. “It’s pretty nuts. It’s a long way to travel for a soccer game.

“They better bloody win. The boys have already told me to stay in Madrid if they lose because they know how filthy I’ll be.”

@the_third said in Jetsetting Farah:

I messaged him when they made the finals, to see if he had any contacts for tickets because me and my brothers were keen to get over.

I have to say pretty impressive if you can call down Steven Gerrard and get yourself some Champions League Final tix.

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