The Knock on Effect.

  • To all the young people out there take great care on the roads.

  • Everyone. Not just younger folk.

    Plenty of older folk drive pissed too. Plenty of truck drivers are probably still gassing off their heads to meet stupid deadlines. Plenty of idiots being risky on the road.

    I’ve not had an at-fault accident for 15 years. I’ve been in four not-at-fault accidents in the last three years, including a high speed crash on the M4 where I was rear ended by three cars. The last car was a red P-plater whom was doing 110km/h like everyone else in the inside lane, and hit everyone hard enough to push my car which was at a dead stop into the car in front of me that I was sitting a good fix or six feet behind.

    Plenty don’t know the rules well enough either.

  • It’s heartbreaking. The one real fear i have in life is getting that knock on the door and my boys aren’t even driving yet.

    It’s not just being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving either. The whole of society needs an attitude adjustment when it comes to the driving. Parents of young children in school zones, teenagers, all of us. Who cares if you’re a minute or two late for an appointment, work or a social outing? Do you really need to look at that phone right now? Social media, texting, phone calls, are these things more important to people than the life of another human being?

    Guaranteed, people may think those things are more important, until the day they get the knock on the door. We all need to get our heads in the game when out on the road.

    Rant over.

  • I’m currently on my P’s and i am still not yet comfortable about being alone in the car.

  • I had a very close call in the territory some years ago. Since that night, I’m 0.0 whenever I drive.

  • This hurts a lot because my brother has just recently died from being hit by a car. It happened about 3 months ago. He was freaken awesome. He had a beautiful wife and 3 beautiful kids. He was a gun at work. He was a general manager at a big company earning 500k per year. He was a really good sportsman when he was younger as well.

    My family is devastated. He was 43 and he just didn’t think of the consequences of running across the road. He was running 20km to work at 5:30 in the morning. Greg crying in that video shows how much this hurts. I’ve been crying nearly every day. There was no alcohol involved but dead is dead.

  • Banned

    @Earl condolences 4 your loss mate.

  • @Earl 🙏

  • I can remember when Ben died it was the week before Penrith played Wests and there was much talk at the time that Penrith would forfeit the game

    They didn’t obviously Brandy and Mark Geyer didn’t play

    They won …great victory for them

    But it tore the club apart , they could have been anything and a dynasty looked likely if they could replace Royce Simmons

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