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Matto better get some game time…

@TheDaBoss Good to hear someone agrees with me 👊

Matto needs to be in the team.

Supposedly Pearce is back. What could go wrong?

Got a feeling Walker won’t be picked, I think he’s lost Freddy’s trust that he can handle defending that edge,.
Freddy knows that if he picks him again QLD will target him and if they succeed Freddy will get roasted for not making the change.

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With all these injures to NSW, surely Matterson gets a callup. From what ive been reading… they are saying Maloney, Turbo, Ferguson and wade graham are in for the injured ones. Also mentioned tariq sims and a few other players but Matterson wasn’t mentioned. Freddy is missing out.

@TeddyWasAFraud said in NSW Ins & Out's:

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Anyone want to photoshop Woods wearing this jersey haha

Apparently Mitchell has been punted. Haas also out injured by the sounds of it. Could open the door for Twal.

Hopefully Fittler gets the boot should NSW lose. Getting a bit sick of the influence of the Fittler, Johns, Alexander and Buderus cabal.None of whom have had any success or experience at NRL level. They must have milked a good income from the Blues budget over the past few years -always up for a good quote for the compliant media to cover their butts after a poor display.

The commentators know Mitchell has been dropped. They’ve been name dropping players who have been selected all game. Mitchell has scored two tries and not a peep about him. Usually they’ll say something like “he’s ready for next week”. Not here.

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Scratch Twal. Lodge will be named.

If they drop Latrell they have rocks in their heads. I get the form dip but if they wake him up he’s a game winner.

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