Things That You Like

Parra losing. And when the re-sign nuffies like Brad Arthur.

Being 5 from 8 against teams outside the top 4 and if we managed to kick a conversion v panthers wed be 6 from 8 against the other 12 teams.

Thats what gives me hope for the rest of the year. Our last 4 losses have been against the top 4 if we had spread those out at the start and end no one would have noticed and if we didnt play all 4 in a row people wouldnt be feeling like we were so bad. After all we almost had the storm and we were competitive against souths

Knowing that my September will be free again

At our club?

  1. Matterson
  2. Maguire
  3. Twal a bit

That’s about it.

Lasagna, Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre and a team that plays to win.

I like waiting 48 hours and then another 48 hours and then…who let the dogs out?

@Cultured_Bogan said in Things That You Like:

@matchball said in Things That You Like:

Golden Gaytime

There’s a golden gaytime stout, it is apparently out of this world.

Holy Hell! Some people really are genius

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