Zac Cini

  • This bloke looks pretty handy. Wouldn’t mind seeing him get promoted.

    He doesn’t have the speed of Xerri, but certainly can break a tackle with that big fend, and is deceptively quick.

  • @PabloX Definitely promising. Let’s hope we the club promotes well in the next months and doesn’t foolishly let go of young potential.

  • We do have potential

    Just let them mature

  • @TheDaBoss said in Zac Cini:

    We do have potential

    Just let them mature

    Not one of our players has matured/ improved while they’ve been here in the last 10 years. Why should it start now.

  • Potential along with rebuild the words of hope of all wests tigers fans.
    God following this club has made me cynical

  • Scored a meat pie today in the Tigers upset 22-0 win over the Raiders.

  • Cini is the missing link to our backline and it amazes me that he hasn’t already been promoted to development squad for this year. He can play anywhere in the back 5 too.
    A fast, tall, quick and highly evasive outside back. The standout player from our Flegg squad this season and really should be playing ISP at left centre. Scored a double and setup another try in our surprise win over the Raiders.
    A Cini + Bradley combo on the left would be a vast improvement at both ISP and even really NRL and I can see them forming a partnership for many years to come. Why not promote Cini to ISP now at least? He offers more than McQuiggan, Heleta, Maarbani and Momorovski.
    We seem to be taking the slowly slowly approach with him but not with others. He’s a try scoring machine and would improve our NRL squad significantly.

  • Zuni is elusive and quick. Most importantly he can make a break and his positioning to finish off a try is good. I like his height and size. Zuni, Smith, Talau and Bradley provide a talented quartet.

  • He has a running style very similar to Ben Ikin.

  • At the stage we are unfortunately in, the only way forward is to promote our youngsters, even from Flegg, to first grade. Fortunately we have the available talent.

  • @Newtown It’s an impressive highlights real. He never gives up in a tackle and certainly has plenty of speed and a great step off both feet, for a big lad.
    Looks the goods.

  • @pawsandclaws1 LOL… @Geo make a list of the name stuff ups. Add Zuni to that list.

  • @yeti agree with you there mate

  • @Madge I thought he was talking about a completely different player! Classic. I nearly called him Zini in the thread title

  • He goes very good this kid in attack, so elusive, but he cant tackle, he scored a try untouched last sunday on the end of good shape and put away by Dillon on the final pass to score untouched, he got stood up again by the Canberra centre and the better centres stand him up because he has flaws in his defence having grown up as a grabber, and constantly getting caught standing still in defence, he made a break against the raiders and was run down within 20 meteres on sunday, he’s not very quick but he is strong carrying the ball and elusive of both feet. It didn’t help him going to fullback when Dillon was out because his deficiencies in defence were highlighted and knocked his confidence I think, but has big upside moving forward this kid. slowly, slowly is the right approach I feel at this stage.

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