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  • @Zach said in Russell Packer - What Now:

    I would love to have Madge come out and just say whats what - is Packer injured? is he out of form? is he not willing to play for this club? i wish he would just be transparent with us.

    Think it has to be him being stood down as part of the now failed negotiations with Penrith to swap with DWZ.

  • Disposed by Ivan yet again, he’d be an angry man right now.

  • I recall myself getting bashed last year and this year for pointing out how bad Packerlino is, how the tables have turned.
    (I only mentioned it 10 times a week every week)

    Some folks on here are really slow to pick up on dud players, I honestly don’t know what game you watch or if you know what a good player looks like if you saw one.

    P.s you can add ET to that too, I’ve been calling him useless for just as long

  • Tiger… Your grandstanding chest beating “you v us” posts are getting tiring.
    Can’t you state an opinion without resorting to the ’ I Was right, you guys wrong’ theme?
    Seriously 😒

  • @GNR4LIFE exactly. Cap space is what we need right now.

  • For me I think all of our forwards need a kick up the A#@ … You only have to watch Knights, Panthers yesterday to see what happens when they play with aggression and put pressure on the other team… They make mistakes and opens up the game for the backs but who am I to say this… Surely as a forward in the team you would be embarrassed by what you are doing and letting the other team walk all over you… A good example is Jason T of the cows - He is signed up for alot of money for a lot of years but do you see him just pudding along and collecting the money ? NO he cares about his own performance and the team… Its time for our team to wake up

  • @TIGER said in Russell Packer - What Now:

    (I only mentioned it 10 times a week every week)

    Maybe that was the problem!

  • I honestly think some of you have it totally wrong. Packer and Mats were bought for a specific reason by the old coach.

    Madge on the other hand has his own specific style and it’s not surprising that the forwards are bearing the brunt of the changes - because Madge is known for his forwards style. He plays big bodies, maximum fitness (almost at risk of burnout) and opts for power where possible.

    Now at Tigers Madge doesn’t have a lot of power at his disposal, because we didnt recruit that way. We recruited toilers, some would say plodders, but guys who absolutely lack explosive power.

    Who has benefitted from that 2019? The big bodies long minutes guys or power blokes (nobody is both) - Twal, Eiso, Mikaele, Aloiai. Who misses out? ET, Packer, Mats semi-demoted .

    Of course Packer can still play to first grade level, but the coach wants a different type of player. So Packer is demoted - and it ends up no different to the Farah scenario where you don’t want a fellow so you resign him to reggies. Yes I am totally aware Farah is a club legend etc but on the basic level - thr coach doesn’t want him so he wallows in reggies.

    Specific to Packer, lots of uninformed comments about what kind of guy he is, that he doesnt care etc. If may simply be he cant play the way Madge wants, which may be no reflection on the player - he didnt sign on to play under Madge. We don’t know why he’s not turning out in reserves - that might be a club decision. Farah didnt turn out for Magpies either - its not so straight forward to just play reserves until your form warrants a call-up.

    The coach may have in fact said he will not call him back to firsts.

  • We call for a coach to make players accountable for performance and we got what we asked for.
    If they don’t respond you move on issue is recruitment and retention has been for a decade.

  • He’s definitely got it good at the moment. Not needing to get bashed every week and picking up his pay at the same time

  • Paid for Green Bay. Got Gretel.

  • He should be training with the first grade squad and playing whatever grade the coach wants him to,if he has a chronic injury, medical retirement, surely the club has some rights when they are paying full pay to this bludger

  • @tony-soprano

    I have been told he has done his hip can not train or run properly

  • @TYGA said in Russell Packer - What Now:

    We want accountability at this club sometimes a strong stance sets a tone. I think we have to get big minutes out of Aloai and Mikalele in the middle so the others can play a smaller role.

    I agree, this is the only solution if Packer is to see first grade again, pending injuries. But I’d have him as the 3rd prop on the bench, the remaining spot taken by a backrower, which means no more carrying a 2nd hooker in the team. Something like:

    1. Lawrence
    2. Aloiai
    3. Mikaele
    4. Packer

    This would work if Packer focuses on shorter stints with more impact. A big “if” though. Also means he takes Clark’s spot & stunts his development in firsts. And I’d be going with Liddle as our hooker - which has his own question-marks. But what do we have to lose?!

  • @Regan If that’s the case we have NO hope of moving him on… Dead money at it’s greatest…

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