Can we sign anyone with our salary cap mess?

  • So we know we have a heap of guys tied up in big contracts for another 2-3 years (and i can’t see any of them getting taken elsewhere) and we also are 300k below the cap for next year.

    It seems all the guys off contract are guys who are not on much $$$ and therefore can only be replaced by cheap end players. Realistically, are we stuck with this squad again next year with a couple of minor changes at the cheaper end…which realistically won’t address any of our on field issues.

    Can we sign anyone for next year? Or is it the level of cheapies at best?

  • No we cant, Iv has totally screwed us over with his long term dud signings

  • FYI,

    We have 10 spots to fill for next year and the following guys are off contract:

    Jacob Liddle (Would keep)
    Josh Aloiai (Would keep)
    Thomas Mikaele (Would keep)

    Chris Lawrence (Maybe)
    Corey Thompson (Maybe)
    Mahe Fonua
    Robbie Farah
    Robbie Rochow
    Tyson Gamble
    Benji Marshall

    If you look at the guys who aren’t in brackets , there is not a heap of $$ we are getting from them, unless we let Lawrence go (but he is an salary exemption right?)

  • @WeHaveCheeKam I think you will find only a selected few clubs get the Salary Cap Exemption as they are protected by the NRL body… As a club we are here to develop good players for other clubs to use in there premiership windows 🤣 🤣

  • I don’t think it’s that bad that we can’t sign anybody. Imo, it’s more of a situation where we have a lot of money invested in players that Madge would rather spend elsewhere.

  • We will have some money to sign some players but we will ahve to be smart and strategic in who. We need to decide on where we need to get players that cannot be filled from within. In my mind there are 2 key areas- hooker & wingers.

    From within WT we have the following players that can probably make the leap to NRL grade-

    • Jock Madden - 5/8 or half - to replace Marshall and Reynolds
    • Dylan Smith- fullback- to shift Mbye
    • Alex Seyfarth and Kane Bradley- backrowers- supplement possible loss of McQueen
    • Sam McIntyre- backrow/centre- just like Chee Kam- useful interchange
    • Tommy Talau- 5/8 - but I’m thinking try him on the wing- tall and apparently fast and elusive.

    WT seem to be very short of wingers and versatile players that can also fill in at hooker or halves.

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    So far Maguire has signed Jennings and Re-signed Mikaele and Chee-Kam…

    Lawrence would come under the long serving player allowance as our only long serving player so his wage is virtually outside the cap if he were to be re-signed allowing that cap money to be allocated elsewhere…

    I’m of the belief Thompson Aloiai will be re-signed and Liddle will be offered an extension providing his body holds up…Marshal is keen on another year at this point …Farah will hang them up…

    So we are needing another hooker or two regardless what happens with Liddle…the rest of those of contract would be pushing it for a renewal…so that opens 4-5 roster spots which would you would imagine be filled by the development players and maybe 1 or 2 Canerbury Cup players moving onto NRL contracts…

    The guys on longer term deals will really depend on what the Club is prepared to wear should the decide to move them on early or whether those guys are happy to stay and plod there careers away in reserve grade…

  • @2005magic I think you will find that Bradley has been used as a winger in the Canterbury Cup.

  • Got a funny feeling we r gonna have someone debut this week


    Can we still blame Tim Sheens ?

  • @TheDaBoss I would be very pleased about that.

  • @Regan said in Can we sign anyone with our salary cap mess?:


    Can we still blame Tim Sheens ?

    I do blame him. He showed me it was possible for this club to play finals footy. Mr 30% people called him. We are at 15% at the end of this year. Gee we suck. Really suck. Embarrassingly bad.
    Can we sign anyone yes. Will they be any good?history suggests not.

  • Hopefully Packer, Mats, Mbye, ET and Reynolds all get caught up in a sex tape scandal with each other and we can tear up all their contracts. That’s about our only hope.

  • Any coach with longevity won’t be liked somewhere. Sheens was great for us in many ways. He also had some shockers. Hasler, Bennett they have had and continue to have success but also have some unhappy previous clubs.Sometimes your the right person at the right time. As good as Sheens was, he bought us Blair. Everyone including the bookies had us as premiership faves that year. We didn’t make the 8.
    The way forward for this club is to find some young and exciting youth to compliment the plodders. It worked in 05 and it will work again. The young talent will come cheaper which is all you can have in our situation.

  • @TheDaBoss said in Can we sign anyone with our salary cap mess?:

    Got a funny feeling we r gonna have someone debut this week

    Who ? Only ones who can possibly debut in our 30 man squad are - Dylan Smith who has been out injured and Sam Mcintyre who is de idely average and plays backrow one of the few positions we are looking ok. Mayby after June 30 when the ypung blokes become eligible I could see Bradley on the wing or Seyfarth who has impressed in the middle

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